CrashPlan PRO for Windows Phone : FAQS

Do I need a CrashPlan PRO subscription to use the app?
Yes. You can download the software from the CrashPlan PRO website.
How do I sign in?
You use your CrashPlan PRO account email address and password to sign in to the app.
Can I access my backup data if I use a private password or private data key?
Not at this time. You can only access data that is protected with your account password.
What does "Stay signed in" mean?
When you select Stay signed in, you remain signed into the app until explicitly choose to sign out. When you enable this option, you do not have to re-enter your user name and password the next time you launch the app. To clear this, simply sign out and uncheck Stay signed in.
How do I sign out?
On the Home screen, tap the gear icon and select Sign Out.
What types files can I download with the app?
You can only download files backed up to PRO Cloud.
Why can't I see some of my files?
Verify that the CrashPlan PRO software on your computer is running and has recently backed up your files to PRO Cloud.
How do I download and view a file?
Tap on a computer name to view a list of files that you can download. Tap a file to start downloading it to your device. A progress indicator next to the file name shows download progress. After the download is complete, tap on the file again to view it.
How do I download multiple files?
After you've started downloading one file, tap on another file to add it to your download queue. Files download in the order in which you added them to the queue.
Where can I see the files that I have downloaded to my device?
You can view downloaded files on the Downloaded Files screen.
What types of files can I view?
You can view many common document types, as well as images.
Can I see how large a file is before I download it?
You can tap-and-hold a file, then select Get Details to see the file size.
How can I see which files I selected to download?
In the Downloaded Files screen, a progress indicator identifies the files you've selected for downloading.
How do I stop downloading a file that I've selected?
Tap on the file you want to stop downloading. The progress indicator disappears.
How do I download a more recent version of a file that has been backed up to PRO Cloud?
If there is a newer version of a file on PRO Cloud, there is a badge on the app icon. Also, on the Home screen, there is an Update button that indicates how many files have newer versions available. Tap this button to add all the updated files to the download queue. To update individual files, go to the Downloaded Files screen, and tap the Update button.
Can I edit the files that I have downloaded to my device?
You can edit your downloaded files if you have an app on your device that supports editing the file type you’ve downloaded. While previewing a file, tap the Open icon in the menu bar and select Open In... Then select the app you'd like to use to edit the file. This creates a copy of the file in that app. The CrashPlan PRO mobile app does not track any changes to this copy.
How do I delete a downloaded file?
On the Downloaded Files screen, tap the Edit icon in the menu bar, select the files you'd like to delete, then tap the Delete files button. You can also delete all of your downloaded files on this screen. Alternatively, you can swipe to delete individual files, on the Downloaded Files screen.
Does deleting a downloaded file removes it from by backup?
No. It just removes it from your device.
How do I share my downloaded files?
While previewing a file, you can tap the Open icon in the menu bar to send the file as an email attachment (if an email account is present). Also, images can be saved to the Photos app.
Can I manage my CrashPlan PRO settings from the mobile app?
No. The app does not allow you to remotely administer your CrashPlan PRO software.
Can I download files from other users in my company?
No. You can only download files from computers associated with your account email address.
What happens to my downloaded files if I uninstall the app?
All of the files you have downloaded are removed from from your device. If you've opened the file in another app, that copy is not removed.
Can I see my current backup status?
On the Home screen, your current backup status is listed for each computer on your account. It also shows last backup time, percent complete and last backup.
Can I back up data stored on my mobile device to PRO Cloud?
No. The CrashPlan PRO mobile app is for accessing files you’ve backed up to PRO Cloud. It does not back up files stored on your mobile device.
What types of files can I view?
You can preview many common document types, as well as images, movies and music.
I have more questions. Where can I get support?
Support is available by sending a message from your CrashPlan PRO account address to We also offer support via online forums available from the CrashPlan PRO website.
Is the app available in other countries?
The CrashPlan PRO mobile app is currently available only in English in the US and Canada.
Who are you guys?
We are Code 42 Software. We make software that protects the world's data.