Elevate your backup CrashPlan PRO for Business

CrashPlan PRO takes your business backup to new heights by continuously sending your encrypted data to our secure online cloud. In less than 3 minutes you can be backing up your critical business data , and the “set it and forget it” nature will make business backup one less thing to worry about.

No hardware to buy

Simply sign up, download and install to get started backing up to the cloud

No slow-downs

CrashPlan PRO operates silently in the background so you can stay focused on business at hand

Sophisticated management

Monitor backup progress and quickly make company-wide changes through the PRO Online Dashboard

Limitless protection Automatic, unobtrusive backup

Engineered with laptops in mind, CrashPlan PRO works quietly in the background on all computers, so while CrashPlan does its work, you can do yours. Most users never even notice it's there. But when they need a file restored, the easy-to-use interface allows them to restore files quickly on their own.
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Automatic backup

CrashPlan remembers to back up your business for you automatically

User-initiated restores

Restore your business files quickly - no technical expertise required

Universal networking

Works over wireless, wired and cellular networks

Local data encryption

Secures information before transmission

Cross-platform support

Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux








61.2 GB

Real-time monitoring with CrashPlan PRO online

The CrashPlan PRO online management console effortlessly handles online cloud backup for your business while enforcing policies in real-time, verifying backup archives, upgrading users and alerting you to anything important.
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Self-managed, self-healing technology

Ensure files are always available for restore

Customizable reports and alerts

Monitor cloud backup status and activity in real-time

Central management console

Enforce policies and manage data retention

Continuously encrypted data

Prevents unauthorized access to ensure that your cloud backup is secure

This is the lock.

Financial-grade security “good enough” isn’t good enough

Many business backup providers think 128-bit “financial- grade” encryption is good enough, but we think your business backup deserves better. CrashPlan PRO uses 448-bit Blowfish encryption. Released in 1993, it is 2.1 x 1096 times stronger than 128-bit encryption and has never been broken.

Using the same technology adopted by the US Government for Top Secret communications, CrashPlan PRO transmits your encrypted data to our servers via 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protocol.

Data is stored using the same enterprise-grade data centers and hardware that our CrashPlan PRO Enterprise customers use, with the same high Quality of Service (QoS) they demand. Self-managed, self-healing technology ensures cloud backup files are always ready to restore.
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