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Business continuity: understand your risks from data loss

Does your small business backup strategy enable business continuity if you are hit with unexpected data loss?

If employees can’t access their files, productivity grinds to a halt – a costly disruption to business.

That’s one reason business risk mitigation planning – or business continuity planning – is emerging as a top priority in the wake of rising cyberattacks targeting small businesses.

Small business backup plans often aren’t built to protect productivity.

Businesses of all sizes know access to files and data is critical to day-to-day workflows, collaboration, innovation and customer service. Yet, small business backup strategies often lack an endpoint cloud backup solution, which means these organizations are not prepared to prevent a disruption to employee productivity.

Top causes of business disruption:

  • Hardware failure: 140,000 hard drives fail every week.
  • User error: simple mistakes accounted for one in seven data breaches in 2016.
  • Natural disaster: Coffee spilled, building fires, floods and other unexpected disasters have hit CrashPlan for Small Business customers – and we helped them recover with limited downtime.
  • Cybercrime: Small businesses are prime targets of cybercrime. Half of small businesses have already been hit with ransomware and 43% are prime targets for malware attacks.

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