CrashPlan for Small Business updates its desktop app

We updated our CrashPlan® for Small Business desktop app to the Version 6 Code42 app in early 2018 for all users, improving our interface to make backup and recovery easier and more intuitive for our customers.

Since this release, we’ve been closely monitoring feedback and recently made improvements to help meet the needs of our small business customers by adding visibility into the status of their backup.

Quickly and easily see the status of your backups in the app's menu bar.
Easily see the percentage of your backup that is complete and the file currently being backed up

Improved visibility into the status of your backup

We’ve added the ability to quickly see what files are being backed up to the Code42 cloud, making it easier for you to validate the health of your backups. You can now see the percentage complete of your entire backup file selection, including the sum of files left to backup.

We understand not all of our customers have the desktop client open all the time which is why we also introduced this same level of visibility into the menu bar app as well.

Easily access your settings

We heard that the backup settings were hard to find. We’ve since added it to the global navigation as an easy way to adjust your settings.


Restore files from multiple devices

We’ve made it easier to restore data if you have multiple devices on your account. When you have more than one device on a user account, the “Restore Files” button will become a drop down making it easier to restore data from another computer.

For more information about updates to the CrashPlan for Small Business desktop client.

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