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Data loss no longer threatens agency growth

Since adopting an endpoint backup strategy four years ago, Peer Pressure Creative has peace of mind that its data is safe.

Preventing data loss with an endpoint backup strategy that restores data quickly and easily keeps digital ad agency Peer Pressure moving forward – and growing.

Like many emerging businesses, a potential disaster was the event that prompted the agency to begin researching an endpoint backup solution to protect against costly data loss and downtime.

Peer Pressure Creative was making an all-too-common small business backup mistake: keeping backups onsite. As an upstart agency using Macs, its leaders believed that using Apple’s Time Capsule to back up locally was all the organization needed.

But after a fire scare opened the owner’s eyes to the vulnerability of data loss, he realized it was time for a tested endpoint backup approach designed specifically for small businesses.

“It just didn’t make sense,” said owner and founder Nick Satkovich. “If we have the computers and the backup in the same place, then what happens if they both get destroyed by a fire or another disaster?”

Since deploying CrashPlan for Small Business four years ago, the company has saved time and money as well as gained invaluable peace of mind with its endpoint backup approach.

“You just can’t put a dollar amount on the time we’d lose if we lost everything. And you can’t put a dollar amount on peace of mind.”

Download the full case study to see how CrashPlan for Small Business can give your growing business peace of mind to help you grow!