Data loss no longer threatens agency growth

Like many small businesses, Pennsylvania-based digital ad agency, Peer Pressure Creative knew that protecting their files was important. But they were making an all-too-common mistake: limiting their data protection to traditional, on-site backup methods. After a fire scare reminded them of the vulnerability of this approach, the agency realized it was time for a true data loss protection solution for their small business. “You can’t put a dollar amount on the time we’d lose if we lost everything. And you can’t put a dollar amount on peace of mind,” states Nick Satkovich, owner and founder of Peer Pressure Creative.

Supporting agency growth by preventing downtime from disaster

Protecting data with a full-fledged data loss protection solution keeps digital ad agency Peer Pressure moving forward – and growing.

Like many emerging businesses, a potential disaster was the event that prompted the agency to begin researching a data loss protection solution to protect irreplaceable business data and productivity.

Peer Pressure Creative was making an all-too-common data loss protection mistake: only backing up onsite. As an agency running on Macs, its leaders believed that using Apple’s Time Capsule to backup locally was all the organization needed.

But after a fire scare opened the owner’s eyes to the vulnerability of data loss, he realized it was time to fully protect his business with a solution specifically designed to protect small businesses against data loss.

“It just didn’t make sense,” said owner and founder Nick Satkovich. “If we have the computers and the backup in the same place, then what happens if they both get destroyed by a fire or another disaster?”


Finding a true business-grade data loss protection solution

Satkovich first considered setting up a backup server at his or an employee’s home. The risks in this approach—from physical damage to the server, to a fire or other disaster at the house, to maintaining security and control—quickly ruled it out.

Recognizing the need for a data loss protection strategy where each device is backed up continuously to an offsite, business-grade destination, Satkovich and his team evaluated CrashPlan for Small Business along with two other top-rated solutions.

After spending a full week investigating the strengths of each solution, CrashPlan for Small Business emerged as the hands-down winner. Seamless OS integration was a huge advantage for the company’s Mac users, and CrashPlan’s second-to-none security inspired total confidence for Satkovich.

“It literally does everything that you need it to do,” he said, “In terms of functionality, it’s rock-solid.”

Peer Pressure Creative frequently uses Dropbox for day-to-day collaboration, and Satkovich noted that he examined whether the sync-and-share application could work as data loss protection. Ultimately, he found that while Dropbox is great for productivity, it couldn’t fulfill the role of a true business data loss protection solution. “We considered Dropbox, but it wasn’t really a backup solution,” says Satkovich.

“With CrashPlan, if I delete an old file or save over an old version, and later I need it, I can restore it easily— and it’s not taking up space in two places,” he explained. “With Dropbox, it’s syncing everything, so we’d have to keep all our old files and versions on our computers instead of deleting them. They’d just be taking up space on our computers.”

Easy roll-out—“zero issues”

Peer Pressure Creative deployed CrashPlan for Small Business to all its employees and all devices about four years ago.

Like many small business owners, Satkovich wears many hats, including IT administrator for his employees. He praised the simple admin console, as well as the granular controls that let him easily adjust settings to meet evolving user and business needs.

Custom file retention icon

One protection and restore platform for all files and all versions

Peer Pressure Creative’s main use case is version control for its creative files.

“With, say, an InDesign file, where we’ve made changes and overwritten old versions, and then the client decides to change direction. We can go back and seamlessly roll back a specific version using the time stamp,” explained Satkovich.

Though specific applications do have version control functionality, “there’s nothing as continuous as CrashPlan—not every five minutes,” he said. “Plus, with CrashPlan, we have one program that can manage everything—all file types.”

Data loss risks are a distant memory

With real-time, cloud-based data loss protection protecting all their files, many of the company’s biggest worries are gone. Though they certainly hope fire won’t hit their building again, they know they’re covered if fire or any other natural disaster strikes.

They can laugh off ransomware as an empty threat, as well: “If we would get hit, I have everything I need—all my critical files—so I wouldn’t really have to worry about it,” said Satkovich.

The savvy small business owner also values how CrashPlan for Small Business protects the company’s intellectual property from insider threat and other data theft. “Just covering our most valuable assets—CrashPlan is great for that,” said Satkovich. “If something were to happen, we wouldn’t be jeopardizing our client relationships. We could continue working.”

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