Helping you with your HIPAA compliance needs

Minneapolis – July 10, 2018

Whether you’re the office manager at a family dental office, a physician in your own practice or an attorney working with healthcare clients, HIPAA impacts everything you do.

That’s why CrashPlan® is excited to announce we can offer you even more peace of mind knowing that your critical patient and client personal information is securely protected.

How we can help you meet your HIPAA compliance needs

First, obtain a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) through our Customer Champions.

After you obtain a BAA with Code42, the only requirement is to leave the encryption setting – which is enabled by default – active (see Device Backup Advanced Settings). With this setting enabled and the agreement signed, you can be assured that your data is protected and you can check one more thing off of your HIPAA compliance list.

Get a BAA with CrashPlan

Why the news matters to you

Businesses are worried about things like the cost of doing business, privacy of employee data, and management of data for regulatory compliance. This is where Code42’s ability to focus exclusively on the needs of businesses will benefit our CrashPlan customers.

“Until now, Code42 only offered the ability to execute a BAA to our larger enterprise customers – CrashPlan customers didn’t have this option,” said Steve Buege, SVP and general manager of CrashPlan at Code42. “But over the last couple of years, Code42 has invested more in the compliance and security aspects of our core platform, and in our internal company processes to make it easier for all of our customers from enterprise to small business to manage their data in a HIPAA-compliant manner.”

Where does CrashPlan come into play?

With the important responsibility to protect customer data, developing and enforcing a business policy that supports HIPAA is key for all businesses. Our rare combination of security measures and compliance with HIPAA creates a “force field” around your business data.

In addition to helping our customers meet their responsibilities under HIPAA, we encrypt all user data with AES-256 encryption before it leaves endpoint devices for storage in our backup archives.

What’s more, we’ve taken extra steps to ensure our data centers comply with military-grade security standards.

Learn more about CrashPlan and HIPAA compliance.

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