Improvements to CrashPlan® for Small Business weekly user backup report

Minneapolis – August 6, 2018

As a CrashPlan for Small Business customer, you receive a weekly user backup status report to keep you informed about the health of your devices’ backups.

We’ve recently made improvements to make these reports be more useful and easier to understand.


CrashPlan Backup report

a. Easily learn more about the information in your report

You now see a helpful link directing you to more information about what to expect every week in your backup status report, what the information means and how to change the frequency and timing of your report.

b. Easily see when your report was generated

Our user backup reports alert you to the status of your backup and to any critical issues with CrashPlan for Small Business. We’ve added the date and time each report was generated – giving you a better idea of when your backup was completed.

c. Quickly verify the amount of data you have selected for backup

We want you to be equipped with the knowledge to better understand the information in your report. Though the information has remained the same, we relabeled it in order to provide more clarity, including:

  • Destination name: The name of your backup destination, such as CrashPlan PRO Online or a local folder with the date and time the report was generated.
  • Last backup activity: The last time your device connected to this destination.
  • Last completed backup: The last time your device completed a backup to this destination.
  • Selected for backup: The amount of data selected for backup to this destination from your device.

Our Support site has a new article to help walk you through the details: CrashPlan for Small Business backup status reports.

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