SMB Data Loss: Why It's A Threat And Strategies To Manage Business Risks
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SMB Data Loss: why it’s a threat and strategies to manage business risks

With data making up the foundation of today’s companies, any loss or downtime incident can have serious consequences for a small business. The question is not if, but when, a data loss incident will occur.

A sneak peak at the numbers inside the whitepaper:

  • 58% of companies that suffer cyberattacks today are classified as small businesses. For ransomware, this figure rises to 71%.
  • 98% of SMB owners reported that cybercrime was a threat to their businesses, with 71% believing it as a moderate or major threat.
  • 66% of SMBs reported that a data loss incident would cause them to shut down for at least a day, or even put them out of business altogether.

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