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Why a backup server isn’t enough for SMBs

How one accounting firm almost lost everything when its on-site backup server failed – right as the firm was preparing to close for the holidays.

What would you do if your backup server failed? Would your business data still be protected?

That’s what happened to Colorado-based accounting firm, Geris Zebarth as it was closing its doors for a few weeks during the holidays. The backup server failure almost cost the small business accounting firm everything – its client data, operations and more – right before its most critical time of tax season kicked off.

Fortunately, by sheer luck, the firm was able to resurrect their backup server. But they had learned a valuable lesson: a disaster recovery plan, including an automated cloud backup strategy is critical to prevent future risks like the one they had just experienced. That’s why the firm turned to CrashPlan for Small Business.

“CrashPlan for Small Business is super simple, does what it needs to do, and it hasn’t let us down. Each restore probably saves us thousands of dollars,” says Mike Stefanski, CPA and designated “IT Hero” at Geris Zebarth.

How CrashPlan for Small Business works with QuickBooks
CrashPlan for Small Business makes it easy to restore a QuickBook file to your computer and also restore that file to QuickBooks.

After Geris Zebarth’s backup server failure, the firm now backs up all staff computers as well as the firm’s network assets – including clients’ QuickBooks databases.

Staff members can easily rollback files to undo mistakes and back up QuickBook files in minutes – all without Stefanski’s help.

“I think this is the beauty of CrashPlan: You just download it onto a machine, point it to the files you want to cover, and hit ‘Go’,” says Stefanski, “I never had to explain to anyone how to use it. It’s super intuitive.”

Getting started with CrashPlan for Small Business
For this small business accounting firm, everyday file restores are much more than a convenience – they deliver peace of mind that their intellectual property is always securely backed up and can be recovered quickly, no matter what.