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Crashplan Backup To External Drive On Another Computer Crashplan Backup To External Drive On Another Computer

Triple Destination Data Storage and Protection™

Enjoy free backup to an external drive and any trusted, internet-connected computer. Or experience the full trifecta of fearlessness with a subscription to our cloud-based destination, CrashPlan Central. Only CrashPlan offers such comprehensive protection. Learn More

Unlimited Cloud Storage Providers Unlimited Cloud Storage Providers

Truly Unlimited Storage

Whether you require gigabytes or terabytes of online backup, a subscription to the CrashPlan Central cloud will set you free from file type and size roadblocks. Plus, we’ll never charge you extra to restore your files. They’re yours, after all.

Most Secure Cloud Storage Most Secure Cloud Storage

Stepped-up Data Security

CrashPlan subscribers can surround their digital life with 448-bit encryption, including a private key option. This rare combination of security measures creates a virtually impenetrable “force field” around your data. What’s more, we’ve taken extra steps to ensure our data centers comply with military-grade security standards and conform to industry best practices for power redundancy, cooling and fire protection. Learn More

Access Cloud Data on Mobile Access Cloud Data on Mobile

Your Files, Mobilized

Our free mobile app is another reason to give a CrashPlan subscription a go. Along with continuous protection of your complete digital life, you’ll enjoy ready access to all your computer files from virtually anywhere, at any time. Files at your fingertips and world at your feet—it’s go time. Learn More

Silent and Continuous Cloud Backup Silent and Continuous Cloud Backup

Silent and Continuous

CrashPlan is your silent computer backup partner, protecting your precious files and folders in real-time. Designed to use minimal CPU power, you won't even know it's running. If your backup is interrupted, or you put your computer to sleep, CrashPlan automatically resumes when your computer becomes available again. Learn More

Backup to External Hard Drive Backup to External Hard Drive

External Drive Backup

Have more files to back up than a single hard drive can hold? Most of us do. No problem. CrashPlan computer backup has all your external hard drives covered. You can even remove and later reattach external hard drives without restarting the backup. Learn More

Crashplan Online Backup Crashplan Online Backup

Backup Sets

We believe you have the right to back up all of your data. That said, not all files require the same level of backup protection. CrashPlan’s exclusive ability to create backup sets frees you to handpick and prioritize what files go where, and how often. What’s not to love about that? Learn More

Crashplan Family Crashplan Family

Generous Retention and Versioning

In real life, there’s no living in the past. But you call the shots when it comes to your digital life. With CrashPlan, it’s easy to go back in time to a precise version of a file or folder. Learn More

Crashplan Multiple Hard Drives Crashplan Multiple Hard Drives


A subscription to the CrashPlan Central cloud is an easy and affordable way to prevent your digital legacy from becoming history. And our simple online application, including email alerts, lets you keep an eye on everyone’s backup status—from grandma to high school graduate. Learn More

Deleted File Protection Deleted File Protection

Deleted File Protection

The CrashPlan Central cloud is a regret-free zone. We keep your deleted files forever (unless you tell us not to), so no matter how much time passes after you trash a file, you can dig it out. And while this means a larger investment of resources on our part, if it helps reduce anxiety over accidentally trashing your data, it’s well worth it. Learn More

Automatic Back Up to Cloud Automatic Back Up to Cloud

Smart Backup

The file you're working on right now is the one most in need of backup, so CrashPlan backs up your most recent files first, then makes sure you have a full backup at one destination as soon as possible. Even while you're working, CrashPlan is silently crunching numbers in the background, de-duplicating data between all your files to keep your backups as small and efficient as possible. Learn More

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