The king of backup strategies

Backup is the difference between keeping everything intact and losing it all in one fell swoop. Personally, we’re fans of the former over the latter.

We’ve got three different ways to provide you with reliable backup, so your files are always there for you. You have the option to back up to local drives & computers, offsite drives & computers or online to CrashPlan Central.

Combine all three for the ultimate trifecta of protection, speed and access. It’s like a backup buffet that’s open 24/7, offering the benefit of never showing up on your hips.

Complete Cloud Backup System
  • It’s Local

    Do you own another computer? Or maybe an external hard drive? This is the fastest way to back up. You don’t even have to rely on that pesky old Internet for this option.
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  • It’s Offsite

    Anyone you know who owns a computer can be your backup solution. Your parents, siblings or anyone you trust, really. And if they owe you a “solid,” you can call it even.
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  • It’s Online

    Back it all up at CrashPlan Central, which ensures there’s another location for your data. Just install CrashPlan and we’ll take care of the rest. Because, you know, this is what we do.
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Why Local?

  • It’s free as the breeze

    Honestly, that’s reason enough for most people. And it’s not like a swap meet. We’re serious when we say it’s free.

  • You already own the tools

    Got another computer or hard drive? That’s really all it takes. You’re in the backup business. With us, that is.

  • A fraction of the time

    Because you’re not using an Internet connection to transfer data, backup is quick, freeing you up to do other stuff.

Using an external drive:

  1. Simply buy an external drive big enough to hold all the data you want to back up.
  2. Install CrashPlan on your computer then plug in the external drive.
  3. Open the CrashPlan app. Select the drive under “Destinations” and click “Start.”
  4. Watch CrashPlan go to work. Caveat: it’s so fast, you won’t be watching for long.

Using another computer:

  1. Dust off that old computer. It doesn’t even matter which operating system it uses.
  2. Install CrashPlan on both computers. Make sure to use the same email address.
  3. Your other computers will show up in “Computers” under “Destinations.”
  4. Select computer you want to back up. Click “Start Backup.” You’re on your way.

Why Offsite?

  • No hard drive required

    Because you’re divvying up the backup with family members or friends, you’re literally not out anything cost-wise.

  • It’s free as the breeze

    Like our local option, this one’s gratis. Because we think peace of mind shouldn’t depend on the size of your wallet.

  • Any data size is possible

    Got more files than your “backup buddy” has? Back up straight to their external hard drive instead.

Using an offsite computer:

  1. To get started, install CrashPlan on your computer as well as your friend's.
  2. Go to “Friends” tab on each computer. Exchange the 6-digit code with each other.
  3. Your friend will show up in “Destinations” under “Friends.” Click “Start Backup.”
  4. Kick back and enjoy this free, automatic offsite backup with your friend.

Using an offsite drive:

  1. Make sure both you and your “backup buddy” have adequately spacious hard drives.
  2. Install CrashPlan on both of your computers. Back up to both external hard drives.
  3. Once your backups are complete, exchange drives and plug them in to your computers.
  4. CrashPlan will find your drive and automatically continue backing up to it, free of charge.

Why Online?

  • You’re new to backup

    This is the best way to jump in feet first. We’ll always be there, standing below with one of those safety nets.

  • No sticker shock

    Our backup plans are easy on your wallet. And what you get out of it is priceless.

  • 24/7 support from us

    Just email us. Or use that smartphone as an actual phone to give us a ring.

  • It’s money well spent

    This is customizable, continuous, minute-by-minute backup. Totally worth it when you value your data.

  • It’s free as the breeze

    Mobile app accessibility, browser-based file restores and enhanced 448-bit encryption. We told you it was techy.

Using CrashPlan Mobile:

  1. Install CrashPlan. Then click “Start” to back up to CrashPlan Central.
  2. Install the CrashPlan Mobile app for free from your device’s App Store.
  3. Sign in with the email/password you used to install CrashPlan on your computer.
  4. You now have instant access to any and all files you back up to CrashPlan Central.
  5. The mobile app can only access files that are already safely in the cloud.

Using Web Restore:

  1. You’re out and about. Phone’s dead, but you need a file from your home computer.
  2. Borrow a friend's laptop. Go to and log into your account.
  3. Select whichever file you need. Then click “Restore” and download them.
  4. Meanwhile, you’ll never have to install CrashPlan on your friend's computer.