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CrashPlan for Mac Software Backs Up Your Files Automatically

We all know that Macs are famous for stability. But even the most powerful machine can’t prevent a cup of coffee from spilling on a keyboard and destroying sensitive data.

That’s why we created CrashPlan for Mac. It’s got the same world-class protection, storage, backup and recovery capabilities that made CrashPlan famous. All your files—across multiple computers, devices and hard drives—can be backed up automatically to your local drive for free. No credit cards, no surprises.

With a subscription to CrashPlan Central, your data is automatically backed up to the CrashPlan cloud, giving you secure, mobile access to all your backed up files. All your music, videos, photos and files are always there whenever and wherever you need them. You’ll get unlimited storage space, military-grade security, state of the art technology and no file-format restrictions.

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