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Back Up Your Entire Music Library To the Cloud

You've spent a lot of time assembling the soundtrack to your digital life. But what if there’s a massive data crash? Back it all up with CrashPlan and your life will be in perfect harmony.

Automatically Backing Up

Whether you choose free backup to a trusted computer or hard drive, or a subscription to cloud-based storage on CrashPlan Central, CrashPlan automatically backs up your entire music library along with all your other files.

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited storage means no limits to backing up your entire library. Whether you have 10 songs or 10,000, CrashPlan Central keeps them close and secure. With mobile access and no file-type restrictions, CrashPlan Central is the most reliable way to keep your beats coming.

Mobile files

And with CrashPlan Mobile, your data is there, wherever and whenever you need it.
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