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Unlimited protection

We don’t place limits on individual file sizes. Plus, we’ll never charge you extra to restore your files. CrashPlan is designed to use minimal CPU power and is silently keeping your files protected as efficiently as possible.

External drive protection

Protect external hard drives and file servers for no additional cost. If you move your external drive, CrashPlan will pick up where it left off the next time you plug in your drive.

Customizable file versioning and retention

You tell us how long to keep your deleted files and how many versions to keep so we can best accommodate your data protection and security needs.

We can help backup your business data - anywhere, anytime.

  • No cost to install, no cost to restore files
  • Automatic, continuous backups, or configure a custom schedule
  • Military-grade data encryption and HIPAA compliant

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SMB Data Loss: Why It's A Threat And Strategies To Manage Business Risks
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Learn about the biggest data loss threats that small businesses are facing today and steps you should take to ensure your business-critical data is protected.

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“I was shocked how easy it was to restore. When I had two drives die, I was beside myself until I thought – wait a minute, I can restore with CrashPlan for Small Business. You can set CrashPlan for Small Business up, configure it correctly and walk away.”  – William Kisse, COO (healthcare)