August 2022 CrashPlan Transition FAQ

Today is a monumental day. CrashPlan is now its own company! We launched as a product in 2007 and today, we’re launching as a standalone organization with new investment from Mill Point Capital. We, the employees who are following CrashPlan in this new adventure, couldn’t be more excited about this change and our new investor. With that said, we understand that for many, this begs the question “why is this happening?” and specifically “why now?”

The answer comes down to one word: Focus.

In 2018, after over 10 years in the backup and recovery space, Code42 saw an opportunity to define and shape an emerging space in Security – Insider Risk Management. We have spent the balance of the last 3 years focused on solving that problem in the most human-centric and holistic way for our customers. In that time we have launched two new products, Code42 Incydr and Code42 Instructor.

During that same period, the need for a robust backup and recovery solution has only grown. Here are just two industry trends illustrating precisely that:

    1. There has been a foundational shift in workplace culture and priorities brought about by organizations making a permanent move to remote/hybrid work.
    2. The continued rise in ransomware places our data firmly in the crosshairs of bad-actors every day.

All of this left us with an important question to answer: “Where do we dedicate resources?” It would have been difficult-to-impossible for an organization of our size to continue to do right by two products, focused on solving different data security problems, with two distinct user-bases. 

So, in January 2022, we created an internal group within Code42 dedicated to CrashPlan. Dozens of staff across every line of business raised our hands to join the group. Since then, we’ve been reimagining what our business can be and over the past few months it became clear that the perfect solution for everyone was for CrashPlan to spin out. Doing this NOW means CrashPlan can focus on doing more of what it always has done; being the best data backup and recovery solution on the planet and Code42 can continue its focus on winning in the nascent Insider Risk Management space.

We are thrilled to be moving into the next phase of that process today with CrashPlan’s new investor, Mill Point Capital. Our teams have been working tirelessly to make sure that this process is as seamless as we can make it for everyone using CrashPlan and those who don’t yet use it, but will. 

We’ll share more in the coming weeks and months about operational considerations and new initiatives as our focus moves from transition to growth. In the meantime; keep reading below where we have compiled answers to some of the questions we expect folks to have as we begin this next phase. If we’re missing anything here, please reach out to us at

A Message from the CrashPlan Team

We’ve been working on this process for the last few months and we could not be more excited!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean for me as a CrashPlan customer?
As a CrashPlan customer your product will continue to work as it always has. You will see a renewed investment in the product, services, and programs to assist with solving backup and recovery problems.
Will my Account/Customer Success Manager change?
No, the CSM’s assigned to your account will not change. If you are a customer, you either have an email in your inbox now, or will shortly from your CSM.
Will there be changes to my billing?
There will be changes to the letterhead, remit to address and bank account information. We will clearly communicate any changes as they become available. Until then, billing will be the same as it is today.
Can I expect pricing changes?
Pricing will remain as per your current contract. All pricing is addressed at renewal time per our normal process.
What are the benefits related to North Acquisition LLC (d/b/a CrashPlan)?
There has been a divergence between Code42’s Insider Risk Management business and CrashPlan’s core competency which is Backup and Recovery. We believe that both companies and products have a stronger position to grow going forward as separate entities with distinct and defined areas of focus. This new direction allows CrashPlan to focus on expanding and enhancing our product features for new and existing customers.
Will I lose access to data or features?
No. CrashPlan is retaining all infrastructure, storage, and networking currently dedicated to the CrashPlan product. All features available to CrashPlan customers will remain intact as is.
Do I need to start my backup over?
No. All backup archives will continue to be a part of the CrashPlan service – no restart necessary.
Do I need to install a new endpoint agent?
No. The backup agent tech is staying with CrashPlan and the agent currently running on your endpoints will receive updates and patches from CrashPlan as we deploy them.
Is there a new support site?
Not just yet. In the short-term, all services will continue to operate as they do today.
In the coming week we will be migrating our support ticketing and documentation portals to instances dedicated to CrashPlan.
Once the new instances are ready, we will clearly communicate everything you need to know – including the URLs and access information. Until then, please continue to use the current support and documentation portals.

Are links to any resources changing?
Yes. All web resources (e.g. Product URLs, Support Portal, Documentation) will be moved to the domain. We will communicate the full details when they are ready. We may silently update links prior to any communication.
Will the Console change?
We are a SaaS software company so eventually, yeah, we’re gonna make some improvements and feature enhancements. In the meantime, you will be able to continue to login to your CrashPlan Console and use it exactly as you do now.
What if I want to also use Incydr?
We think that’s a fantastic idea! Code42 has been working hard on Incydr and we believe that it’s a fantastic product and well positioned to help reduce insider risk.
However, you will need to contract with Code42 separately – remember, we are separate companies! – and will need to install Incydr’s endpoint agent alongside the CrashPlan endpoint agent.
If you have specific questions about this, or would like an introduction to a Code42 Sales Rep, please contact your CSM

I am confused about names, what are things called going forward?
That’s understandable, we’ve changed the names a lot.
Our products are named:

  • CrashPlan Cloud
  • CrashPlan for Small Business

What do I stand to gain from the deal? What are the benefits to me?
Everyone at CrashPlan is focused on building, supporting, maintaining, and bringing to market the best CrashPlan we can.
We believe that CrashPlan is the best product at protecting your data. We believe that CrashPlan has a bright future and we are excited to help move CrashPlan into that future.
Still not convinced? Just ask us.

Will Service quality or service policies change?
No. Our current, industry leading SLAs, account staffing levels, and cloud operations procedures are remaining in place.
Will the CrashPlan quote you gave me still be honored if it says Code42 on it?
All quotes have a 30 day expiration date, we will honor those quotes until that date.
Will there be any staffing changes that might affect me?
CrashPlan has dozens of dedicated staff who are excited to be part of the new organization. We have an average of >4 years of tenure with the CrashPlan product and our longest tenured person has over 19 years. We’ve got the right folks with the right knowledge in the right places.
Who do I call if I have a problem or a concern?
If your issue is paranormal in scope, please call the Ghostbusters.
If your issues is related to CrashPlan, please continue to contact the CrashPlan team just as you do currently.
As we move through the process of updating all of our systems, we will communicate with you about the updated email addresses, URLs, phone numbers, and all the other details that you need.