Customer Story

CrashPlan for Small Business Case Study: Adveniosoft

Hear why entrepreneur Bob Fury trusts CrashPlan for Small Business and how it saved his software development startup – Adveniosoft – from a near-fatal hardware failure.

In 2015, entrepreneur Bob Fury became an official small business owner with the launch of Adveniosoft, a custom software development business that he runs out of his Minneapolis-based home. Fury and his three employees provide custom software solutions for small businesses across Minnesota, primarily in the real estate industry.

Three years ago, Fury was looking for a small business data protection solution that would not only fit the current needs of his business but also meet the needs of the business as it grew. Fury tested a multitude of traditional backup solutions, including file sync-n-share providers like OneDrive and Google Drive.

But he realized these backup solutions alone would not fit the needs of his small business. “CrashPlan for Small Business has the security and ease of use that I was looking for – these were both big selling points for me,” says Fury.

Yet, it wasn’t until a few years later when Fury’s sense of security with CrashPlan for Small Business was tested – and passed with flying colors. That’s when a hardware failure hit and almost lost Fury all of his important files.

“CrashPlan for Small Business saved me big time in terms of not only having a whole bunch of work I had to make up, but also the business documents on my desktop as well. If I had lost this information, we would have been done as a business.”

Bob Fury, owner

Incidents like a hard drive failure, dropped laptop or phishing attack are all risks that can happen to any business – small or large. “You think it’s going to happen to everyone except you,” says Fury.

Today Fury trusts CrashPlan for Small Business to protect all of his computers with the peace of mind that his business is always protected.

“It may not be today or tomorrow or even five years from now, but it will happen. And where will your information be?”