Your ideas matter.

CrashPlan Professional

How much are your ideas worth? Whether it’s a business plan, image, spreadsheet, audio file, or architectural diagram, you worked hard to create it. Now you can protect all your work with an unlimited backup and recovery solution that works for everyone from solo creators to growing businesses. Never again fall victim to that pit-of-the-stomach feeling when your computer crashes or you accidentally delete a file. CrashPlan has your back.

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Secure Data Backup and Recovery for Businesses and Creators

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Built on CrashPlan’s industry-leading data resiliency platform, CrashPlan Professional backs up all new and changed data to the cloud every fifteen minutes. Unlimited storage allows you to focus on creating, without worrying about file sizes. And advanced features give businesses the power to fine-tune backups and streamline sign-on for users.

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CrashPlan Professional gets you back up and running easily after any data mishap. Easily restore one or all files on your own through a simple web app. Or, your IT team can push restores directly to employee computers. With unlimited file versioning and 90-day deleted file retention, you can go back to the point-in-time just before data deletion, ransom, or corruption.

Peer Pressure Creative
Nick Satovich - Owner

Peace of Mind

“If we have the computers and the backup in the same place, then what happens if they both get destroyed by a fire or another disaster? You just can’t put a dollar amount on the time we’d lose if we lost everything. And you can’t put a dollar amount on peace of mind.

Hero Technology, Inc.
Brett Yeakey, Owner

Reliability and Simplicity

“Hard-drives fail, computers get stolen — there’s any number of ways a whole bunch of data can get lost. CrashPlan for Small Business is a great price, has ease of use and is easy and quick to set up.

Why CrashPlan

Your work is making work. Our work is keeping your work safe. CrashPlan Professional is perfect for individual creators, small-to-medium businesses, and anyone else who needs unlimited file backup. Your data is more than just ones and zeroes. It’s your time, your creativity, your hard work, and your passion. Your ideas are limitless; your backup solution should be, too.

Protect the data that matters most.

Lock-in your data so you can always stay moving. We can help.