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Provide resiliency to your customers while predictably growing new and recurring revenue.

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CrashPlan enables organizational resilience and continuity through secure, scalable, and straightforward endpoint data backup. With automatic backup and customizable file version retention, you can bounce back from any data calamity. What starts as endpoint backup and recovery becomes a solution for ransomware recovery, breaches, migrations, and legal holds. So your customers can work fearlessly and grow confidently. And with this simple program, you can too.

Why Partner
with CrashPlan

The CrashPlan Partner Program has been architected from the ground up to make it simple to engage with CrashPlan and rapidly close business. In addition, the CrashPlan Partner Program provides partners with training and support resources to help them sell and implement CrashPlan successfully.

Speed to Value

No on-premises hardware footprint allows for deployment in as little as 15 minutes. You get direct access to internal CrashPlan resources (technical and human) to assist with closing business on your timeline.

Predictable Revenue

CrashPlan’s typical sales cycle is less than 90 days. Plus, after registration, your deals are yours. Incumbency for the lifetime of the relationship and defined margins across the breadth of the deployment mean you can forecast revenue confidently as you continue to add value to the customer relationship.

Retention and Growth

Benefit from recurring margins drawn from a >90% renewal rate and incredible customer loyalty with an average customer tenure of more than 7 years.

Enduring Value

By partnering with CrashPlan, you gain access to the expertise and proven track record of the industry’s preeminent endpoint backup solution.

Program Levels and Benefits

Direct Resellers Referral, Select & Select+)
ReferralCo-Sell & Independent Reseller (Discount)
Guaranteed Margin
License Sales Compensation (CrashPlan to Partner)NA10%10%
Partner-sourced Deal Registration10%15%20%
Indirect Resellers via Distribution (Authorized & Authorized+)
Co-Sell & Independent Reseller (discount)
License Compensation (Discount from MSRP)
License Sales Compensation Standard (From Distribution,
Volume Discount at 500 Seats)
License Sales Compensation Deal Registration (From Distribution)35%40%
CrashPlan Partner Program Benefits & Requirements
Annual Partner Bookings Requirement--$500k
VIR->$100k$100k (with accelerator @ $500k+)
Level 1 Enabled Sales Staff-35
Level 1 Enabled Technical Staff-13
Business & Action Plan + Strategic Alignment--Required
Crashplan Partner Portal Access
Deal Registration + Margin Protection
Self-Paced Enablement & Guides
Co-Marketing Content
Sales & Marketing Tools, Promotions & Incentives-
SPIFS & Bonuses-Opportunistic
Partner Logo on CrashPlan Site- (Large)
Lead Sharing--
Pre-Sales Support- Priority
Renewal Protection-On Partner SourcedOn Partner Sourced
NFR & Reduced Cost Licenses for Internal Use-
Sandbox Demo Environment-
Implementation Services- (Post-Certification) (Post-Certification)

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Click through to our partner portal and apply to be a partner. Already a partner? Simply login on our partner portal.

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