Device Migration

Companies replace 25-30% of their device fleet each year, on average. We all know the pains of these inevitable device migrations. Whether it’s a planned upgrade or the unexpected result of a lost, stolen, corrupted, or failed device — IT often has to stop important work and spend hours manually backing up and transferring users’ files. CrashPlan’s Device Migration solution cuts down on troubleshooting, decreases user downtime, and reduces the risk of transfer errors.

Get Back Up & Running — Quickly

CrashPlan completely revamps the device replacement process, saving your organization time and money, avoiding the risk of data loss, and getting your users back up and running quickly after a device migration — planned or unplanned.

Mac Systems Administrator, Measures for Justice
Adrien Bilboni-Morales

Speed to Migration

“CrashPlan has allowed us to fast-track our Apple Silicon deployment so that researchers, our IT folks, and our finance folks are all on modern hardware. This will allow me to tear down our old Intel infrastructure ahead of schedule leading to time and cost savings for the organization.”

Your CrashPlan Advantage

No matter where your users are or what happens to their devices, they’ll always have up-to-date data. CrashPlan’s backup solutions seamlessly integrate into your workflow and processes, keeping everyone on the same page with minimal downtime.

The Power Of Self-Service

CrashPlan’s simple and intuitive self-service workflow makes it practical to enable a user-driven device migration process even when working fully remote. This greatly reduces IT burden and costs, while empowering users with greater control over when and where to migrate.

Data protection from the unexpected

No one plans to spill on, drop or lose a device — and hardware failures can happen when you least expect them. With CrashPlan, you’re ready for the unexpected device disaster, because CrashPlan automatically backs up all files every 15 minutes.

Protect the data that matters most.

Lock-in your data so you can always stay moving. We can help.