Legal Hold

Time is imperative when dealing with or expecting legal action. Legal and IT teams must be able to comply and preserve electronically stored information (ESI) across the organization — fast.

Legal holds usually mean corporate panic. After all, 70% of business data is unstructured and almost half of all data is distributed across company laptops. Not with CrashPlan at your back.

CrashPlan protects your organization from spoliation sanctions, fines, and adverse inferences with a strong legal hold software solution.

CrashPlan Speaks Legalese

Whether it’s a robust chain-of-custody, the ability to operate invisible to the custodian, or an interface built specifically for the legal team; CrashPlan is here to streamline your legal hold process.

Your CrashPlan Advantage

Legal Hold shouldn’t require locking a laptop or computer in a closet, making the end user nervous (or even aware), or be a burden on IT. When properly implemented into your legal hold process, CrashPlan enables continuous collection and preservation of custodial data while ensuring lack of friction between teams and reducing risk for the organization.

Zero Downtime

Minimize impact to your workflows. With CrashPlan, users are never without their device and can continue working un-interrupted. CrashPlan mitigates the stigma and behavioral change that can be caused by being placed on hold.

Legal Compliance and Confidence

Manage custodians and matters without needing to engage IT for processing or be concerned about breaching confidentiality. Prior versions means that data contained in default backup is immediately available for discovery reducing concern about adverse inferences and accusations of spoliation.

Reduced Administrative Burden

Manage matters, custodians and data access independently, and free up IT for strategic initiatives and direct end-user support. Continuous collection and version retention over the network means no more awkward conversations with co-workers or last-minute travel expenses to physically confiscate devices.

How to Automate Your Legal Hold Process With CrashPlan

CISO, Wesleyan University
Joe Bazely

“I love just being able to say, ‘Oh, it’s got CrashPlan on it.’ It does everything that I need it to do.”

CISO, Wesleyan University
Joe Bazely

“[When staff] get a bright and shiny new machine, they forget about their legal holds and don’t tell their desktop support person, and I lose all the important information. With CrashPlan, I no longer need to worry about that.”

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