Ransomware Recovery

Globally, 37% of organizations fell victim to ransomware in 2021. By 2031, ransomware is expected to cost businesses US $265B annually. CrashPlan helps you bounce back following an incident without extended downtime or incentivizing cybercrime.

Built for Ransomware Recovery

No matter how often files get versioned by the malware or how they’re ransomed, CrashPlan offers continuous protection with immutable backups and unlimited versioning as a robust defense against ransomware. Plus, quick recovery of mission-critical files means never paying a ransom.

How to recover from ransomware using CrashPlan

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Your CrashPlan Advantage

Whether your organization has 100 devices or 100,000, CrashPlan provides backup without bottlenecks as your business grows. CrashPlan has more than 1.4M devices actively backing up to our dedicated clouds. All devices in an organization are managed through a single interface and often by a single IT resource.


​​CrashPlan backs up every version of every file automatically; deduplicates, compresses, and encrypts files regardless of type to ensure all data is collected regularly without impacting bandwidth or system resources.

Reduce Migration Time and Costs

Reduces time spent during tech refresh and data migration and eliminates unplanned downtime.

No Disaster Data Loss

Ensures total data retention via backup – in the event of file corruption, ransomware, or physical catastrophe, your data is always available.

Cost Savings

Protects against data storage lease overruns, overpaying for capacity during technology refresh, or paying any ransomware.

Protect the data that matters most.

Lock-in your data so you can always stay moving. We can help.