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Data protection and backup have never been more critical. Sensitive personal data and your most precious memories are stored on your laptops and desktops, protected only by your local drive. Additionally, as bad actors and hackers employ more sophisticated means of attack, more vulnerabilities are introduced, and endpoint protection needs to be more consistent.

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Continuous, complete backup and recovery. No hidden fees.

CrashPlan delivers a cloud-based backup solution that enables you to recover from ransomware attacks or coffee spills with ease and affordability.

Your CrashPlan Advantage

CrashPlan’s unparalleled file backup and recovery capabilities bring enterprise-grade value to individual users.

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Brian McCullough - Podcast Host

“I have all the research for my book and my entire podcasting history, more than 2,000 episodes, safe and secured thanks to CrashPlan. It’s one of the most fundamental apps in my workflow, mainly because I never have to think about it.

Owner, Small Law Firm

“I chose CrashPlan…for three reasons. It runs seamlessly in the background, I have an offsite backup, and I receive email notifications when my backup is not running. I love getting these emails and having the peace of mind that my backup is working.

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