CrashPlan for

Personal Use

Your computer is full of things that matter like family history, financial documents, or creative projects. But you never know when something could go wrong. A crashed hard drive, malware, or simple mistake could wipe out hours of work or irreplaceable memories. Do you have a backup plan for when that happens?

Why You Need True Cloud Backup for Personal Files

Without a separate, up-to-date copy of your files, you’re one accidental deletion or hard-drive crash away from an unrecoverable loss. 

Your CrashPlan Advantage

With CrashPlan’s secure data backup, when disaster strikes you can simply restore from backup and get on with your day.

Techmeme Ride Home
Brian McCullough - Podcast Host

“I have all the research for my book and my entire podcasting history, more than 2,000 episodes, safe and secured thanks to CrashPlan. It’s one of the most fundamental apps in my workflow, mainly because I never have to think about it.

Which Version of CrashPlan is Right for Your Personal Data Backup?

All versions of CrashPlan are built on the same backbone as our Enterprise offering, so your backups will always be just as efficient, solid, and secure as the big dogs.

CrashPlan Essential

Tiered storage amounts.
Starting at just $2.99/month.

CrashPlan Professional

Unlimited data.
$8/month or less.