Automatic Data Loss Protection for Your Small Business

Just $10 USD per month per computer.

Never worry about losing business-critical data again. CrashPlan® for Small Business makes protecting all your files on your devices, including your file server and external hard drives, fast and easy.

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For data loss protection everyday

Get everything you need in one seamless cloud backup solution

Perfect for Small Business Owners, IT Managers, and IT Consultants

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Small Business Owners

No need for a complicated IT strategy to protect your business files. With CrashPlan for Small Business, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your files are continuously protected and easy to restore, without learning a complicated, expensive tool.

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IT Managers

What if a laptop was lost, stolen or threatened by ransomware? With CrashPlan for Small Business, all you do is restore to a new computer and you’re done. No hidden costs, no time wasted. Plus, employees can restore files on their own so you don’t have to.

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IT Consultants and MSPs

Give your clients the best data loss protection available to small business (that still fits their budget). CrashPlan for Small Business gives your customers unlimited storage, protection against hardware failure, hackers, or ransomware. Important data and files are continuously protected, making fast, secure restores easy.

Protecting business data doesn’t have to be a hassle

You can protect your data from human error, hackers, and hardware failure

But that requires a solution going beyond using external hard drives and servers or just syncing to Dropbox. To keep your data safe and your business running efficiently, you need data loss protection you can count on.

Never worry about on-site equipment that can fail, devices that go missing, hackers or ransomware. CrashPlan for Small Business makes safeguarding and restoring your valuable data easy.

Here’s how CrashPlan for Small Business helps you protect your business data offsite

Life WITHOUT CrashPlan
Life WITH CrashPlan
✘ Nagging concern that all your files aren’t protected with no way of knowing for sure ✓ Confidence your files are backed up safely
✘ Constantly running out of storage space and getting arbitrarily cut off at a moment’s notice ✓ Be reassured with unlimited storage
✘ Looking at a growing stack of external hard drives and your other devices, with no clue which file is where or from when ✓ Simplifies and streamlines data loss protection for all your desktops, laptops, hard drives and file server
✘ Having to first track down the right files, then wasting hours manually getting them restored ✓ Immediately start restoring any of your files from any computer, anytime
✘ Spending more and more money on ever-increasing data storage, bandwidth costs, etc… ✓ Working with a solution that affordably scales with your business as it grows
✘ Uncertain your data is truly protected in case of disaster, even from the smallest threat ✓ Finally feeling confident you’re ready for any threat to your data… no matter how big or small


CrashPlan cloud data backups give you peace of mind

Get all the data protection you need in one seamless cloud solution

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Lightweight, Continuous Protection

Runs automatically in the background. Doesn’t slow you down.

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Unlimited Storage

No file size restrictions or additional charge for space.

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Customize File Retention

You control how long we keep your deleted files.

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Ransomware Recovery

Restore your files to the latest versions without paying a ransom for them.

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External Drive Protection

Included for no additional cost. Keep a local copy of your files for fast recovery.

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Dedicated Support

Support staff available by phone, chat, email. Documentation always available.

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Smart Protection

CrashPlan protects the files you’re currently working on first, and makes it easy to go back to previous versions of your files by date.

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Restore Files from Any Computer

Restore via desktop app or browser. No charge to restore your files.

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State-of-the-Art Security

256-bit AES data encryption at rest, configurable security settings, and BAA available to support HIPAA compliance needs.

The first month is free, then it's just $10 USD/month for each computer

Scale as your business grows with a flat monthly per computer price.
Cancel anytime.

✔ No cost to install

✔ Easy external drive protection

✔ Dedicated support included

✔ No cost to restore files

Get started in minutes.
Free, unlimited storage from the start.

Our customers love using CrashPlan for Small Business

Always works

“I’m happy with CrashPlan for Small Business because it always works, I’m notified if it does not backup on schedule, recovery works as advertised, and the support staff is very helpful.”

  • Bill Kormoski, Owner
    Kormoski & Associates LLC
    Mount Juliet, Tennessee

Peace of mind

“If we have the computers and the backup in the same place, then what happens if they both get destroyed by a fire or another disaster? You just can’t put a dollar amount on the time we’d lose if we lost everything. And you can’t put a dollar amount on peace of mind.”

  • Nick Satovich, Owner
    Peer Pressure Creative
    Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Great price

“Hard-drives fail, computers get stolen – there’s any number of ways a whole bunch of data can get lost. CrashPlan for Small Business is a great price, has ease of use and is easy and quick to set up.”

  • Brett Yeakey, Owner
    Hero Technology, Inc.

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How does CrashPlan for Small Business make data loss protection simple and efficient?

You can take care of all of your tasks from our intuitive and user-friendly application

With CrashPlan for Small Business you can focus on what you do best: running your business

Built to work continuously in the background, you can set it and forget it…and know it’s always there when you need it.

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Take the confusion out
Data loss protection and recovery

Not sure how much data you have or what your storage needs are exactly? You don't have to.

With CrashPlan for Small Business you get unlimited file storage. Protect as much or as little as you want from your file server and as many computers as you want.

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Don't waste time on menial tasks
Be more productive

With deleted file retention, and the ability to recover files to any computer and operating system - laptop, desktop, Mac, Windows, Linux.

Plus, with CrashPlan for Small Business you can do all of the usual with your files, like granting access and permissions as you see fit.

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Dedicated data loss protection experts
We're here for you

Our team of data loss protection and recovery experts are here to help. Contact us at any time with questions about protecting and recovering your data.

We've also created a collection of guides and resources available at any time.

Plus, you’ll find troubleshooting tips and ways to get the most out of CrashPlan for Small Business.

Start with a free trial, then get simple to understand pricing

Scale as your business grows with a flat monthly per computer price. Just $10 USD per month for each computer or file server. Cancel anytime.

No cost to install

Easy external drive protection

Dedicated support included

No cost to restore files

Get started in minutes.

Free, unlimited storage from the start.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many computers can I protect?

Protect as many computers as you want. Adding computers is easily done through your dashboard and you can add them at any time. If you have more than 200 users in your business you’ll need our Enterprise product.

Can I add or remove computers?

Yes! You can add or remove as many computers as you like whenever you want. Each new computer is an additional $10 USD/month and your billing rate is automatically adjusted to accommodate the additional computers.

What are the retention periods for files and how many versions do you keep?

You can control what files are protected, when, and how often. CrashPlan backs up your most recent files first, then makes sure your files are fully protected at one destination as soon as possible.

What happens if your file becomes corrupt? Or you want to return to an earlier version? No problem. You can restore any available file from a date and time you specify.

Are there any file type or file size restrictions?

We don’t set any file size limits. There are a few files in certain system folders CrashPlan won’t protect. More information about those is available in our support documentation.

Can I use CrashPlan for Small Business with data that falls under HIPAA?

Yes! CrashPlan for Small Business users who need to be HIPAA compliant should contact our Customer Champions to obtain a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). This combined with our default active AES-256 encryption should allow you to check one more thing off that HIPAA compliance list.

How does the free trial work?

It’s easy: sign-up today for a free, one-month trial. You get free, unlimited storage for about a month. After you’ve tried us, we think you’ll love it so much you’ll stay and keep protecting your files. But, of course, you can cancel at any time and there’s no obligation.