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Compare CrashPlan Against Other Cloud-Based Backup Services

If you evaluate CrashPlan vs. other types of data protection solutions and providers, you’ll see why more than 50,000 businesses trust us with their data.

See how CrashPlan data protection stacks up against traditional backup solutions and cloud sync and other backup storage solutions

External Hard Drive Cloud Sync (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive) Backblaze Carbonite CrashPlan
Automatic & continuous protection x-mark x-mark checkmark-green x-mark checkmark-green
Compatible with Mac, PC, Linux checkmark-green checkmark-green checkmark-green x-mark checkmark-green
Flexible scheduling x-mark x-mark checkmark-green x-mark checkmark-green
Configure version retention x-mark caution x-mark x-mark checkmark-green
Set CPU usage x-mark x-mark checkmark-green x-mark checkmark-green
Customize deleted file retention x-mark caution x-mark x-mark checkmark-green
Military grade AES-256 at-rest file encryption x-mark caution x-mark x-mark checkmark-green

For Cloud Sync, indicates this may vary across services; indicates backups may be delayed up to 3 hours while waiting for resources to become available.

Are you using cloud sync solutions, like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive?

How does CrashPlan compare to cloud sync solutions?

When making a cloud backup solutions comparison, you’ll notice a few differences that set our services apart. For example, data protection like CrashPlan is designed to preserve your files in the cloud, making it possible (and easy) to recover your files in case your hard drive fails.

Cloud sync adds to your storage capacity without being specifically designed to help you recover and restore files. When compared against our cloud backup solutions, it’s simply not enough. 

If you’re considering using Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, etc., you should know these services are not meant to protect all your data.

Today only 23% of employees’ data and 1% of their files make it to cloud sync tools, leaving the rest at risk of loss by users.

Typically, they only sync data from a specific directory or folder. If the service detects a file was deleted from your sync folder you’re out of luck.

Compare CrashPlan against your current solution

It’s not just about the convenience of having your files automatically protected and available to restore at any time with our cloud-based backup services. Many of our customers have even saved their business with CrashPlan.

Ransomware recovery

Computer hacked and your files held for a ransom? No problem.
When Mark’s computer was hacked and all his files maliciously encrypted by the CryptoLocker virus, it could’ve easily cost him his livelihood.

But instead of losing all his files or being blackmailed for thousands, he got help and started getting his files back within 4 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Backup Solutions

How many computers can I protect?

Protect as many computers as you want. Adding computers is easily done through your dashboard and you can add them at any time. If you have more than 200 users in your business you’ll need our Enterprise backup solution.

Can I add or remove computers?

Yes! You can add or remove as many computers as you like whenever you want. Each new computer is an additional $9.99 USD/month (plus tax/fees) and your billing rate is automatically adjusted to accommodate the additional computers.

We encourage you to compare this to other cloud-based backup services—and we are confident that you’ll find our solution is best in class.

What are the retention periods for files and how many versions do you keep?

You can control what files are protected, when, and how often. CrashPlan backs up your most recent files first, then makes sure you have a full backup at one destination as soon as possible.

What happens if your file becomes corrupt? Or you want to return to an earlier version? No problem. You can restore any available file from a date and time you specify.

Are there any file type or file size restrictions?

We don’t set any file size limits. There are a few files in certain system folders CrashPlan won’t protect. More information about those is available in our support documentation.

Can I use CrashPlan for Small Business with data that falls under HIPAA?

Yes! CrashPlan for Small Business users who need to be HIPAA compliant should contact our Support Agents to obtain a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). This combined with our default active AES-256 encryption should allow you to check one more thing off that HIPAA compliance list.

How does the free trial work?

It’s easy: sign-up today for a free, one-month trial. You get free storage for about a month. After you’ve tried us, we think you’ll love it so much you’ll stay and keep protecting your files. But, of course, you can cancel at any time and there’s no obligation.


Ready for automatic backup to keep your files safe and secure?

Get your free 1-month trial. Then it’s just $10 USD per month for each computer: Windows, Mac, or Linux. Cancel anytime.