There’s a CrashPlan for everyone

Choose the right CrashPlan software option based on your number of computers,
type of data, storage requirements and administration preferences.


Code42 CrashPlan for Home Code42 CrashPlan Pro SMB

# of devices

up to 10 up to 199

Licensed for

Personal Data Business use

Mac, Windows, Linux


Online mgmt. (end user)


Real-time dashboard / reporting (administrator)


Manage other users


Individual login accounts

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Automatic & unattended


Continuous, minute-by-minute


Incremental & differential


Multiple backup sets


Select individual files


Backup scheduling


No bandwidth caps


No file size limits


Pause backups over selected network interfaces


Pause backups over selected wi-fi networks


Pause backups on low battery


Online storage


External HDD


Other computers (peer-to-peer)


Guaranteed restore


File versions retained

Unlimited Unlimited

Keep deleted files

Forever (default) Forever (default)

Restore from the web


Restore from mobile device


Self-service restore


Restore individual files


File encryption

256 data encryption 256 data encryption

Encrypted before transmitting


Transmission encryption

128-bit AES 128-bit AES

Archive tampering detection


Account password


Private password for restore


User-generated private key


Free upgrades with annual subscriptions / licenses


Priority support