Backup, protect, and recover your data with flexible features

Easy-to-use, automatic cloud backup and recovery

Automatic backups

Set-it-and-forget-it backups for all of your computers and file servers

Continuous Backups

CrashPlan® for Small Business will backup your files continuously or you can configure a custom schedule that fits your work day. Files are verified for accuracy to avoid corruption or loss.

Smart Backups

The file you’re working on right now is the one most in need of backup, so CrashPlan takes care of it, and makes it easy to go back in time to a specific version of a file or folder.

Multiple Backup Sets

Backup sets allow you to customize your backup schedule for certain files. Handpick and prioritize what files go where, and how often.

Unlimited storage, easy computer and file server backup

External drives, no extra charge on storage size, and lightweight

Unlimited backup

We don’t place limits on individual file sizes. Plus, we’ll never charge you extra to restore your files. CrashPlan is designed to use minimal CPU power and is silently keeping your files protected as efficiently as possible.

External drive backup

Backup your external hard drives and file servers for no additional cost. If you move your external drive, CrashPlan will pick up where it left off the next time you plug in your drive.

Customizable file versioning and retention

You tell us how long to keep your deleted files and how many versions to keep so we can best accommodate your data protection and security needs.

Manage your files anytime, anywhere

View, manage, and monitor from all of your computers. Choose desktop or web on Mac, Windows, or Linux

Desktop App

Restore your files quickly and easily from the desktop app. Works on Windows, OS X, and Linux. Installs in minutes.

Browser-Based Dashboard

Remotely view real-time status of your backup, storage, and restore activity on every one of your computers and file servers.

Automated Reports

Automatic reports and alerts, remote web management, audit usage, and a lot more.

Ready for unlimited, automatic backup to keep your files safe and secure?

Get your free 1-month trial. Then it’s just $10 USD per month for each computer or file server: Windows, Mac, or Linux.
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No cost to install

Easy file server protection

Dedicated support included

No cost to restore files

Get started in minutes. Cancel Anytime.

Military-grade security and compliance

Your data is protected with industry best practices. You can also easily find and retrieve select versions of your protected files

Laptop icon.

Data encryption

We protect your files using the same encryption we offer our Enterprise customers. Data is 256-bit AES encrypted by default before it is sent to your backup destinations. It will be kept safe when it leaves your computer or file server, and up in the cloud.

Man with a mask icon.

Ransomware recovery

Don’t lose your files to hackers, malware, or ransomware. Restore your files to the latest versions without paying a ransom for them.


HIPAA compliance

CrashPlan for Small Business’ default encryption, combined with a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) allows our customers the same opportunity to maintain HIPAA compliance that enterprise customers enjoy.

Dedicated support

Whether you’re protecting one computer or 100, our support experts and online resources can answer all of your questions

CrashPlan support agents

Our team of data loss protection and recovery experts are here to help you.

Guides and articles

A comprehensive collection of step-by-step instructions to walk you through every aspect of using CrashPlan for Small Business.

Get in touch easily

Support agents available by phone, chat, email; Monday through Friday. Contact us at any time with questions about protecting and recovering your data.

Get up and running with data loss protection in minutes!

Just $10 USD per month for each computer or file server; Windows, Mac, or Linux. Cancel anytime.

No cost to install

Easy file server protection

Dedicated support included

No cost to restore files

Get started in minutes. Try us for a month.

Our customers love using CrashPlan

Simple, saves money

CrashPlan for Small Business is super simple, does what it needs to do, and it hasn’t let us down. Each restore probably saves us thousands of dollars.

You just download it onto a machine, point it to the files you want to cover, and hit ‘Go’. I never had to explain to anyone how to use it. It’s super intuitive.

  • Mike Stefanski, CPA,
    Geris Zebarth
    Littleton, Colorado

Irreplaceable files restored

On several occasions, a needed file had inadvertently been deleted from the system. I was able to restore an archival copy using CrashPlan.

These documents were small but irreplaceable and therefore invaluable.

  • Daniel Terner, Attorney
    Terner Elder Law
    Wellington, Florida

Easy to retrieve

I like the cost, the feeling of security and the ease of retrieving lost files.

I had written a letter over another letter and saved it without “saving as”, so the original letter was lost. I went into CrashPlan and found it pretty quickly, re-saved it and ta-daa!

It was not actually anything vital, but I was really glad to know that I can do that for things that are.

  • Susan Morrow-Johnson, Owner,
    Mojo Medium
    Houston, Texas