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Why CrashPlan for Small Business?
See what our customers and top reviewers are saying.

“CrashPlan for Small Business saved us when our servers got a virus, ransomware. We were able to retrieve all of our backed-up files from CrashPlan. The monthly cost is very reasonable and worth every penny.”

- Karyn B., Outsourced IT Professional

Whether you are a small to mid-sized business owner or an IT consultant, learn how CrashPlan for Small Business is the best choice for your business or your small business clients.

Cloud Data Storage Reviews
“I have several customers running CrashPlan and it has bailed us out several times. Really the only defense against ransomware attacks.”
Kenneth B., Outsourced IT Professional
Business Services
“Simple, works well, hassle free.”
Natalie J., Agency Director
Business Services
“Affordable and ‘Just Works’.”
Zeke K., Office Manager
Business Services
“I think the product is great. It works very well with very little upkeep. I also like the fact that it is unlimited storage and per device.”
Jonathan P., Technology Director
Cloud Data Storage Reviews
“Effortless, continuous backups. Enough said.”
Josef K., Broker & In-House IT Professional
Banking & Finance
“Although thankfully I have not had to utilize the backup feature, the reports and knowing the information is safe and retrievable in an event is assuring… Knowing other have used the service and were happy gave us the confidence to use CrashPlan.”
Kurt M., Outsourced IT Professional
Banking & Finance
“CrashPlan is a reliable & affordable service that’s easy to use.”
Tricia G., Ph. D., Archivist & Curator
“I enjoy the program. I can sleep at night knowing that you have a copy of our data in case of emergency.”
Anil V., Owner

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