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Customer Testimonials

Our customers love having peace of mind, knowing their files are taken care of every day. They have used CrashPlan to have save businesses, eliminate countless hours of manual effort and dramatically reduced costly infrastructure.

Here’s what a few have to say:

Fast recovery from hardware failure

Bob Fury had been using CrashPlan for Small Business for his custom software development business, Adveniosoft, for a few years before the encrytion and ease of use that drew him to CrashPlan were tested.

Watch how CrashPlan saved Adveniosoft when a big hardware failure hit or read more about it.

Computer hacked and your files held for a ransom? No problem

When Mark’s computer was hacked and all his files maliciously encrypted by the CryptoLocker virus, it could’ve easily cost him his livelihood.

But instead of losing all his files or being blackmailed for thousands, he got help and started getting his files back within 4 minutes.

Powerful data protection, easy to use

Simple restores

“I was shocked how easy it was to restore. When I had two drives die, I was beside myself until I thought – wait a minute, I can restore with CrashPlan for Small Business.

…You can set CrashPlan for Small Business up, configure it correctly and walk away.”

– William Kisse, COO


“After my computer died, I was able to buy a new computer and with the help from Support, I got my files back overnight. It was nearly instant and life saving.

Big businesses can deal with that, but as a small business – I can’t. I have you.”

– Jessie Bousquet, Attorney
J Bousquet Law
Boston, Massachusetts

Easy to retrieve files

“Several times when I have been traveling, did not have my laptop, but needed a file, CrashPlan saved the day.  I went to the local library, signed into CrashPlan and downloaded the files I needed. I don’t have anyone back at the office to send files to me, so having on-line access to my data is a really big plus of CrashPlan.”

– Stuart Bassin, Attorney
Bassin Law Firm
Washington, District of Columbia

Easy-to-use and affordable

Easy and Affordable

The benefit I find in using CrashPlan for Small Business is ease at which I can backup and restore, especially the restore part. I can train anybody at my business to do that. It’s easy and so affordable. Throw in the added encryption – how can I go wrong?”

– Mike Altimus, IT Manager
First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op
Corvallis, Oregon

Secure and easy

“The biggest selling factor for me was that I can manage many devices under one account and I control the password. CrashPlan for Small Business is secure and makes it easy to recover data quickly. … CrashPlan for Small Business cuts my time recovering files in half.”

– Manoj Prasad, IT Manager

Easy-to-setup and Hands-off

“CrashPlan for Small Business was recommended to me by our IT guy as a good and secure off-site backup system. I like CrashPlan because it is set up easily and I don’t have to think about it.”

– Nicole Lilak,
Northern Speech Services
Gaylord, Michigan

Know with confidence your files are safe and easily retrievable

Recover After Ransomware

“I have several customers running CrashPlan and it has bailed us out several times.

Really the only defense against ransomware attacks.”

  • Kenneth B., Outsourced IT Professional
    Business Services

Email Notifications

“I chose CrashPlan for Small Business for three reasons. It runs seamlessly in the background, I have an offsite backup and I receive email notifications when my backup is not running. I love getting these emails and having the piece of mind my backup is working. As a small law firm, it is important to me that my files are not only secure, but my backup plan is affordable.”

  • Joseph, Owner
    small law firm

Worth Every Penny

“CrashPlan for Small Business saved us when our system got a virus, ransomware.

We were able to retrieve all of our backed-up files from CrashPlan. The monthly cost is very reasonable and worth every penny.”

  • Karyn B., Outsourced IT Professional

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