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Deploying and managing a complex data backup solution isn’t the best use of your time. CrashPlan’s automated backup lets you easily protect your data from natural disasters, ransomware attacks, coffee spills, and everything in between so you can focus on growing your business while reducing risk.

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Secure Business Data Backup and Recovery

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CrashPlan continuously protects your most important data when and where it is being created without impacting your users’ workflow. With customizable version retention settings and backups that run every fifteen minutes, we ensure that you can meet your compliance and business continuity needs.

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CrashPlan can recover one or all files from a device in minutes in the event of file corruption, device failure, site disaster, or simple human error. Flexible restore options let administrators push download jobs to devices, or allow users to initiate their own restores using the app on their device.

Why CrashPlan

CrashPlan has been trusted by enterprise customers for over a decade. We secure the ideas of more than 50,000 organizations worldwide, including the most recognizable brands in business and education.

Crashplan Overview

Ransomware Recovery

CrashPlan means you’re back in business (literally) with minimal time and effort.

Device Migration

With CrashPlan’s Device Replacement workflow, users are back to work in 30 minutes, no matter where they’re located, even when moving between OS platforms.

Kormoski & Associates LLC
Bill Kormoski, Owner

“I’m happy with CrashPlan for Business because it always works, I’m notified if it does not backup on schedule, recover works as advertised, and the support staff is very helpful.

7 Layer IT Solutions, Inc.
Micahel Luehr

“As an IT consultant, I’m happy using CrashPlan for Business because each user has an account that the backups are tied to with an overall global admin.”

President, MacLab Inc.
Glenn Kowalski

“We love the magic feature of being able to remotely do a restore directly to a customer’s desktop when they need it.”

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