Cybersecurity: disaster recovery planning

Do you know the full cost of a ransomware attack on your small business?

Nearly half (43%) of all cyber attacks now target organizations with 250 employees or fewer.1 And reports suggest there’s a one-in-two chance your small business will be hit with some form of cyberattack in the next 12 months.2

In fact, 41% of surveyed small business customers find that ransomware, phishing attacks, and other viruses are the top threat to their business data.3

It’s a big threat—with dire consequences. The average attack costs a small business more than $20,000.4 Buried by these costs, 60 percent of small businesses shut down permanently within a year of an attack.5

Just a simple click can open the doors to your business data

Cybercriminals know smaller organizations have fewer resources to dedicate to data security, making them an easier target. Compromising just one user often grants the “keys to the castle.” Put another way, just one simple click on an infected email or malicious link and the entire company is in trouble.

The epidemic of small business ransomware offers an even quicker payday for data thieves. Ransomware quietly installs on a victim’s device and mounts an extortion attack—demanding a ransom in return for your data. Ransomware is running rampant across the business world: attacks grew by 600 percent in 2016, more than $1 billion in ransom payments and untold billions in extended damage.6 Two in five small businesses have already been hit with ransomware.7

When ransomware hits, the average small business experiences two full days of downtime. One-third of businesses lose revenue and all experience brand and loyalty damage that’s harder to quantify.

Lacking a data loss protection strategy that protects all computers, most small businesses end up paying at least $2,500 to get their data back.8 But paying the ransom doesn’t guarantee anything. Plenty of businesses have fully complied with the ransom demands, only to have the ransomer increase the ransom request—or simply take off with the ransom and the data.

Is your small business ready if disaster strikes?

Getting started on planning for disaster: a how-to guide

Traditional security tools—conventional user authentication, firewalls, antivirus products—struggle to keep pace with rapidly evolving threats and cyber attack tactics. Most concerning of all, two in five small businesses don’t have a data loss protection solution, meaning they have no choice but to pay data ransomers and face the full costs of data loss.

In addition, 41% of surveyed small business customers find that ransomware, phishing attacks, and other viruses are the top threat to their business data.

Learn how CrashPlan for Small Business can help  your disaster recovery plan with four easy steps to cyber attack recovery. The fast, complete recovery of deleted files, corrupted drives and other restore situations could save your small business. An SMB could save $10,000 with guaranteed recovery after a ransomware attack.9

Four goals when setting up your  small business disaster recovery plan:

  1. Protect every device
  2. Files protected in the cloud
  3. Automatic data loss protection
  4. Fast recovery

These goals are what guide forward thinking small organizations as they develop their data loss prevention and disaster recovery plans. Fortunately, with the right data loss protection solution in place—delivering automatic protection and guaranteed recovery of all files, directly to and from the laptops and desktops where productivity happens— you can gain the peace of mind that your most valuable assets are always protected.

Small business cybersecurity starts with a comprehensive data loss protection and disaster recovery plan – so your business never loses important data, never pays the ransom, minimizes downtime and can get back to business quickly and successfully.

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