A Bad Backup Plan: 5 risks hiding in cloud collaboration backup and how MSPs can handle them

By Todd Thorsen, Chief Information Security Officer, CrashPlan

March 6, 2024

For many businesses, cloud collaboration platforms (CCPs) such as SharePoint or Google Drive are a tempting alternative to dedicated endpoint backup because they have some superficial resemblances. One example is that most of these platforms provide file versioning that looks and feels secure, in which the user can look at previous iterations of a shared document and restore them to some preferred iteration if need be. 

But, unbeknownst to most casual tech users, there is a hard limit on backup utility that most CCPs run up against rather quickly. The fact is, using CCPs as a primary backup tool for recovery when things go wrong is unsuitable and risky. While some MSPs may take a “laissez-faire” approach to letting this misuse go on unchecked, doing so won’t just hurt their customers — it will also hurt them as the stewards of their customers’ IT strategies. 

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