CrashPlan Launches Version 11.0 Agent Release; Unifies Branding Across All Platforms

CrashPlan Video Thumbnail

MINNEAPOLIS March 9, 2023 – It’s official! CrashPlan has undergone key brand updates to reflect our new status as a standalone company. This change went into effect as of CrashPlan’s version 11.0 agent release.

This means the 11.0 agent established updates that unify CrashPlan branding across all platforms (Mac, Windows, and Linux) including application and service process names, menu shortcuts, code signing certificates, and icons/logos. These changes will consolidate CrashPlan’s features and amenities into a streamlined look and feel. 

Since our inception, CrashPlan has remained committed to providing simple yet effective backup and recovery solutions that protect businesses from theft, ransom, hardware failure and even human error. As foundational shifts in remote/hybrid work exacerbate demand for cloud backup, and as the threat of ransomware and other types of cyberattacks rise to new heights, we look forward to further developing our cloud-based offering and are excited to do so with a distinct brand presence that reflects the unique value of our solution.

If you are a current CrashPlan customer, your product will continue to work as it always has. Pricing will remain as per your current contract. And get excited: this rebrand means that you will see a renewed investment in the product, services, and programs that protect your company’s assets. 

If you have additional questions about what this means for your organization, please get in touch with your Account/Customer Success Manager. 

Thank you for taking this next step with us. The future is bright!