Why Implement Endpoint Backup for Your Large-Scale Enterprise

Graphic of skyscrapers in the center with small graphics surrounding it to illustrate how endpoint backup can aid large scale enterprise

In today’s business landscape, data has become the lifeblood of large-scale enterprises. As such, reliable backup solutions can be the difference between continued, resilient success and significant losses in time, resources, and reputation. 

Secure endpoint backup solutions have proven invaluable to enterprises during both significant incidents of data loss as well as more day-to-day issues, like device migration and regulatory compliance for sensitive data. Here are four reasons why endpoint backup provides large enterprises with significant upgrades to their data resilience and reliability—saving them time and money. 

1. Endpoint Backup Offers True Data Resilience

While many other solutions claim to provide cloud data backup for enterprise-level organizations—be careful. Despite claims, their data protection isn’t always proper backup. In fact, many of these solutions wouldn’t qualify as part of an effective 3-2-1 backup strategy

Here’s why the true data resilience of secure endpoint backup matters.

Collaborative Tools Aren’t Backup

In a troubling trend, many businesses make the misguided calculation that Cloud Collaboration Platforms like OneDrive, Google Drive, or Box offer a stand-in for backup. Unfortunately, this decision leaves the company open to various risks. That is because CCPs aren’t proper backups, since:

Endpoint Backup Helps Protect Against Ransomware

Ransomware continues to be one of the biggest threats facing enterprises today. Unfortunately, many cloud backup solutions on the market are only as strong as any user’s password. 

Thankfully, endpoint backup solutions help address the vulnerabilities that ransomware hackers typically exploit. The best secure endpoint backup carries numerous reliable protections, like data encryption for transmission and storage, and safeguards against individual password compromise.

Endpoint Backup Defends Against Human Error

Employee error is often the most common reason for enterprise data loss, and it can become a significant issue for large-scale organizations with hundreds or thousands of employees. Regardless of how well intentioned we are, humans forget things. Saving files to specific locations or using prescribed interfaces doesn’t always work across different work styles 

With an endpoint backup solution, administrators can compensate for human error by automatically and regularly collecting all important files created on users’ devices without the need for human intervention. This means that users can keep working the way they are most impactful to a business without putting vital data at risk or losing time to inefficient workflows.

2. Simplified Device Migration

On average, many enterprises replace 25-30% of their device fleet due to planned upgrades or lost, damaged, or failed devices. That can lead to an excess of cumulative downtime for employees who require those devices for their work—as well as significant labor involved for the IT professionals who must manually transfer user files.

If your endpoint backup solution has a self-serve device migration feature, it can help lessen downtime lost to file transfers and reduce the risk of transfer errors and backup oversights.  

3. Ideal for Safeguarding Sensitive Data 

Endpoint backup solutions like CrashPlan are designed so that enterprise data is encrypted and opaque to the application. That ensures that only privileged users have access to sensitive files. Here’s why that’s important.


Large-scale enterprises are often bound by industry regulations and compliance standards. Endpoint backup solutions with automatic file encryption like CrashPlan enable businesses to meet data retention, privacy, and security obligations, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

When it comes to legal holds, both time and data sensitivity are imperative as legal and IT teams must respond swiftly to preserve electronically stored information across the organization. 

A strong endpoint backup solution will protect data for legal holds prior to it ever being needed. This backup will provide a defensible chain-of-custody to protect your organization from spoliation sanctions, fines or adverse inferences. Finally, it will do this without sacrificing the confidentiality of a custodian’s (user’s) data, or their ability to continue performing their job duties, for the entire duration of the hold.

4. Storage Capabilities That Scale With You

As enterprises grow, data storage requirements increase exponentially. Whether you need to back up terabytes or petabytes of data across hundreds or thousands of end-user devices, endpoint backup solutions ensure seamless scalability without compromising performance or data integrity.

As a side note, it’s important to remember that while some cloud collaboration providers tout free cloud storage—no storage solution for large-scale enterprises will come without cost. Soon enough, businesses will quickly hit hidden limits of supposedly “unlimited” storage and find they are forced to pay for tools that often aren’t as effective as endpoint backup to begin with.

CrashPlan: Enterprise Endpoint Backup Solutions

CrashPlan’s endpoint backup solutions for enterprise organizations help ensure your data remains secure and resilient. Whether it’s ransomware attacks, accidental data loss, or regular device migration, enterprises can trust their crucial data remains protected from whatever tomorrow brings.

With customizable version retention settings and backups that run every fifteen minutes, CrashPlan continuously protects your most important data without impacting your users’ workflow. We ensure peace of mind that you can meet your compliance and business continuity needs.

Are you interested in learning more about endpoint backup solutions and data resiliency for enterprises and small businesses? Check out CrashPlan’s data backup resources on our blog. To learn how to implement CrashPlan’s endpoint backup solutions for your enterprise, contact our data resilience experts today.