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Enterprise Backup Solutions

Secure your data with confidence using cloud backup software built for your enterprise continuity and disaster recovery plans.


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Continuously protect your most important data when and where it is being created without impacting your users’ workflow. With customizable version retention settings and backups that run every fifteen minutes, CrashPlan ensures that you can meet your compliance and business continuity needs.


CrashPlan can recover one or all files from a device in minutes in the event of file corruption, device failure, site disaster, or simple human error. Flexible restore options let administrators push download jobs to devices, or allow users to initiate their own restores using the app on their device.


Ransomware Recovery

According to IDC, 37% of organizations worldwide were impacted by Ransomware in 2021 and bad actors aren’t slowing down. Having a reliable backup solution means there’s no need to pay the ransom for encryption keys, and CrashPlan makes getting your organization back up and running as simple as a few clicks.

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Legal Hold

Identifying, collecting, and preserving data required by legal proceedings can be a big drain on your organization’s time and resources. CrashPlan’s Legal Hold feature allows you to quickly and silently comply with e-discovery requirements without compromising IT or end-user productivity.

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Device Migration

On average, an organization will replace 25-30% of their device fleet each year. Historically, device replacement meant downtime, frustration, and lost data. With CrashPlan’s Device Replacement workflow, users can get back up and running in as little as 30 minutes no matter where they’re located, even when moving between OS platforms.

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CrashPlan has been trusted by enterprise customers for over a decade. We secure the ideas of more than 50,000 organizations worldwide, including the most recognizable brands in business and education. We repeatedly hear that they choose CrashPlan because it is secure, scalable, and straightforward.

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Secure Data Protection

CrashPlan is built from the ground up with the security of your data as a guiding principle. Encryption is practically its middle name.

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Enterprise Scalability

Whether your organization has 10 devices or 10,000, CrashPlan provides backup without bottlenecks as your business grows.

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Straightforward Backup

 It’s reliable, easy to use, and out of the way until you need it. Plus, our world-class service, support and sales teams are here to help every step of the way.


Employee laptops and desktops are vulnerable to theft, loss and data leaks. A backup is a great way to safeguard against those threats, but it’s only useful if it actually keeps your data safe. CrashPlan offers industry-leading security for your backups to do precisely that.

Cloud Based

Endpoint data is stored in our purpose-built cloud. All patching and security updates are handled by the CrashPlan team. Designate where your data is stored from our slate of global data centers.

Layered Encryption

Data is encrypted before leaving the device and stays encrypted in-transit and at rest using AES 256-bit encryption. Each user has a unique encryption key to protect against mass-exploit.

Keys Where You Need Them

Escrow encryption keys in our cloud or within your own hosted keystore to fit your security tolerance.

Compliance Friendly

Meet compliance requirements via flexible cloud options, robust security architecture, client-side encryption and real-time reporting. Ask our sales team for our Security Trust and Assurance Packet to learn more.

Role-Based Access

Perfectly tailor access controls and restore options for users and departments based on job duties. Users and admins see only what they need to.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Seamlessly integrate with your SAML SSO providers for account access plus local 2FA support.

Security and Compliance

CrashPlan maintains security and privacy compliance certifications and attestations that validate our robust security program, including SOC2 Type II, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, Cloud Security Alliance, and GDPR.  Additionally, using CrashPlan helps our customers cover security and privacy control requirements, including NIST 800-53, ISO 27001, GDPR and HIPAA.


Nothing is worse than starting an enterprise-scale deployment just to find that something that worked well for 10 or 20 people falls to its knees when you get to 10,000+. CrashPlan has over 1M devices actively backing up to our dedicated clouds. All managed through a single interface and often by a single IT resource. Scale is in CrashPlan’s DNA (or, in this case, source code).

Platform Inclusive

The CrashPlan app works equally well on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Having a single solution that covers all platforms means you can choose the right mix of devices that work best for your organization.

Distributed Design

Backup and recovery traffic is spread across our infrastructure dynamically, meaning that someone else’s backup doesn’t impact your restore speeds.

Data Storage Where You Need It

Pick from storage destinations around the globe to backup an international workforce with minimal latency while also respecting cultural concerns and data sovereignty. Choose either the US or the EU for storage of your configurations and keys.

Business Driven Policies

Define what gets backed up, how often, and to where based on the unique workloads of different business units. Configurations can be centrally inherited, or configured individually by unit.

Single Admin Interface

No matter the size of your organization, manage all configuration, deployment, backup and restore from a web interface.

User Automation

Integration with your identity provider makes it possible to enroll users, update settings based on group membership, and stand-down accounts with zero end-user involvement on an ongoing basis.


Enterprise software doesn’t need to be rocket surgery. CrashPlan is built to do its job reliably, and sustainably without getting in the way of productivity. If anything goes wrong, we’re here to help.

Quick Deployment

Deploy yourself using our detailed support documentation and built-in deployment policies, or leverage CrashPlan’s Professional Services team to accelerate your deployment.

Set It And Forget It

CrashPlan uses minimal system resources and runs in the background, collecting updates every 15 minutes until recovery is needed. You can breathe easy with reporting to tell you anytime backups don’t occur on schedule.

Unlimited Means Unlimited

CrashPlan has no caps or quotas on the amount of data that can be backed up per device. Whether it’s 1 extremely important 100KB file or 1TB of CAD drawings, it’s covered under the same license and with the same policies.

Single Price Per User

CrashPlan for Enterprise is priced per-seat and includes unlimited storage. No matter if a user has a single laptop or an impressive array of keyboards on their desk, it’s the same price.

No On-Prem Footprint

CrashPlan is built for the cloud, so there’s nothing to install or deploy in your data center. Just like all your other SaaS applications, we take care of patching the app and the cloud so you can get back to doing your actual job.

Works On Or Off-Network

With all backup infrastructure hosted in the CrashPlan cloud and data encrypted before leaving the device, there’s no need for users to be on VPN to perform backups when they’re not in the office. CrashPlan is ready for remote work right out of the box.

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