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Secure, scalable, straightforward enterprise data backup and recovery from CrashPlan

Hackers. Hurricanes. Human error. Hardware failure.
There are a lot of reasons your organization needs endpoint backup as a key component of your data resiliency strategy – and those are only the ones that start with an “H”. CrashPlan is built for the way enterprises – and your employees – work


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End–to-End Encrypted Cloud Backup

We know data security is the name of the game. Your users’ data is encrypted before it even leaves their devices. So if one user’s endpoint is compromised, all others are insulated.

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Customizable Data Retention and Versioning Policies

With the ability to tailor your version retention and backups that run every fifteen minutes, CrashPlan ensures that you can meet your compliance and business continuity needs.


Straightforward for Both Administrators and Users

No matter the size of your organization, manage all configuration, deployment, backup and restore from a unified web interface. Plus, the CrashPlan app allows users to easily perform self-service restores for some or all of their own files, so your IT team can focus on the bigger priorities

Frequently Asked Questions about CrashPlan Enterprise Backup

What features are unique to the enterprise version of CrashPlan?

  • User State Migration with Microsoft USMT
  • MDM/Enterprise Deployment tool support
  • Legal hold
  • Co-branding Functionality
  • Support for customer-hosted keystore
  • Open API access

How much does it cost?

  • Standard CrashPlan is $10/month/device, but we have special pricing for enterprises with at least 100 endpoints. Our sales team would be happy to put together a quote for you.

What kind of encryption does CrashPlan employ?

  • Data is encrypted before leaving the device and stays encrypted in-transit and at rest using AES 256-bit encryption. Each user has a unique encryption key to protect against mass-exploit. With the enterprise product plan you can either escrow your encryption keys in our cloud or within your own hosted keystore to fit your security tolerance.

Which platforms does CrashPlan work on?

  • The CrashPlan app works equally well on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Having a single solution that covers all platforms means you can choose the right mix of devices that work best for your organization.

Why do I need endpoint backup if we’re already using Google Drive, OneDrive, or other collaboration tools?

  • Sync and share tools are excellent for collaboration, but as a standalone solution for data protection, they leave several important gaps in data resiliency and security. In the event of deletion or corruption, affected files aren’t necessarily recoverable. And even in organizations where employees are required to work in the cloud, users can’t always be relied upon to keep important data off their devices. Ultimately, endpoint backup and sync and share are better together. For more on the difference between collaboration tools and backup, see our tech overview here.

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