CrashPlan Launches New E-commerce Buying Process for MSPs and MSSPs

The new e-commerce process provides a frictionless purchasing process for Managed Service Providers and fast, easy access to all the training, support, and
enablement materials needed to serve customers

MINNEAPOLIS April 30, 2024 – CrashPlan, a global leader in endpoint data backup and recovery technology, announced the launch of a new e-commerce purchasing process for its MSP customers. This new process empowers MSP partners of all sizes to purchase CrashPlan for MSPs through a simplified, seamless online store that enables MSPs to get up and running with CrashPlan quickly.

“With the increase in demand for dedicated endpoint backup and recovery and the variety of MSPs – new and old, small to large – needing to serve customers in a way that matches the 24/7 demand pressures for data resiliency, we wanted to make sure that every need for our MSPs is being met,” said Traci LeDuc, vice president of sales at CrashPlan. “This new e-commerce buying process  will do just that – streamline procurement for our MSP partners and let them get back to running their business and continuing to exceed customer service expectations.”

Through this new process, MSPs can:

  • Get customers backed up in as little as one business day
  • Calculate the estimated cost per month based on the number of customer devices (e.g. laptops and desktops) without having to schedule time with the sales team
  • Sign up and purchase fully online
  • Add new customer devices to the platform throughout the month as needed
  • Access recurring monthly billing that adjusts automatically with tiered pricing discounts instantly applied
  • Use a simplified legal process with no signatures required
  • Gain access to training, support, and marketing materials

“Managing the IT infrastructure for tens, hundreds, or thousands of users gives MSPs insight into the importance of proactively and automatically backing up users’ computers remotely,” said Christine Schaefer, chief marketing officer at CrashPlan. “Workaday tasks like device migrations, employee transitions, and even version control are as much a part of their data resilience needs as ransomware recovery. That is why we launched CrashPlan for MSPs last year, and why we are making it easy to stand up a solution quickly in just a few steps online. ”

CrashPlan For MSPs is immediately available online. To sign up today, visit  

About CrashPlan
CrashPlan® enables organizational resilience through secure, scalable, and straightforward endpoint data backup. With automatic backup and customizable file version retention, you can bounce back from any data calamity. What starts as endpoint backup and recovery becomes a solution for data resilience, covering employee transitions, device migrations, ransomware recovery, incident forensics, and legal holds. So, you can work fearlessly and grow confidently.

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