What MSPs Need to Know About the Risks of Relying on Collaboration Tools for Data Backup

By Todd Thorsen, Chaief Information Security Officer, CrashPlan

April 4, 2024

Companies engage managed services providers as technology experts to help oversee their IT infrastructure. Partnerships with MSPs can be critical, especially for smaller organizations. When done right, they allow the company to focus on running their core business while leveraging a trusted partner to recommend and manage the technology that enables the business.

Over the past several years, a troubling trend has emerged related to data backup and recovery. Too often, cloud collaboration platforms (CCPs), such as Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, are misused for purposes they are not designed for, namely data resilience and recovery.

This misuse can be a costly mistake. CCPs are great for collaboration and efficiency, but they’re not great for data resilience and recovery. It’s important for MSPs to use the right tools to meet their clients’ needs and expectations. And clients must understand exactly how they are protected and where they may have gaps so they can make informed risk decisions.

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