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Wesleyan university case study

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Wesleyan university
case study: legal hold

Wesleyan University, a private liberal arts school in Middletown, CT, needed to strengthen its legal hold processes. They had processes in place to preserve physical information relevant to potential or existing litigation, however the university’s legal team wanted to update its existing manual processes to ensure that all electronically stored information (ESI) was also protected.

Before working with CrashPlan, their process relied on a lean IT staff and individual staff action to ensure that all data was accurately collected — resulting in a higher potential for human error, inconsistent compliance, and out-of-date information.

Crashplan in action

  • By working with CrashPlan, Wesleyan University created a more efficient way to automatically collect and preserve user-created data in a centralized and secure location.
  • CrashPlan provides an automated system that scales beyond basic email and spreadsheet applications to cover all user-created data on a device.
  • CrashPlan’s legal hold solution transcends changes in staff and devices.
  • With CrashPlan’s backup, Joe and the rest of Wesleyan’s team can ensure that data from every device in the organization is automatically stored and available before, during, and after a user is placed on legal hold.

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