Backup for your customer: Announcing CrashPlan for MSPs

Graphics around a folder to help announce CrashPlan's endpoint backup solutions for MSPs

Earlier this year I joined CrashPlan with the mission to rejuvenate and re-energize the CrashPlan partner community. In my initial days I was impressed by the simplicity and effectiveness of our product. As we set out to design our partner programs, we kept these two goals top of mind: keep it simple and effective. I’m beyond excited to say that we’ve achieved this objective and are announcing the latest addition to our partner program; CrashPlan for MSPs! This purpose-built solution provides an endpoint backup and recovery solution designed with features and pricing specifically for managed service providers. Our goal by developing this solution is to partner with MSPs to build a meaningful business together.

Protecting data is our business, and we understand that the most impactful way to achieve this on a large scale is by collaborating with the experts who are already addressing business challenges – the MSP community. In an era where a single ransomware attack can cost a business millions of dollars or a remote employee can delete all their work in an instant, it’s essential for businesses to have a reliable and secure backup solution in place. We want to work with MSPs to incorporate this critical functionality to their solution portfolios and business practices.

CrashPlan for MSPs was developed to address the needs of MSPs and MSSPs, regardless of their size, from those supporting the smallest clients to multinational providers supporting thousands of users. CrashPlan for MSPs provides a diverse range of solutions to meet your clients’ unique needs such as: 

Highly Mobile Workforce: If their business relies on a workforce equipped with laptops that are constantly on the move, CrashPlan offers an unobtrusive way to safeguard critical data.

Creative Powerhouses: Creative teams using specialized applications such as CAD, Visual Art, Science Research, and Software Development will find CrashPlan a seamless fit for data protection without disrupting their creative workflows. CrashPlan can handle Windows and Linux operating systems, but we are uniquely appreciated for supporting Mac environments.

Individualized Cultures: For businesses with unique or siloed workplace cultures, CrashPlan complements your existing setup by providing robust data security without the need for significant workflow changes.

Data Security Priority: If your organization recognizes that Cloud Collaboration Platforms are not a substitute for a robust backup system and demands higher data security, CrashPlan delivers the necessary level of protection including 256-bit AES encryption in transit and at rest with configurable settings.

CrashPlan for MSPs simplifies data protection by seamlessly integrating into your established workflows. It doesn’t require users to adapt their processes or tools, nor does it require altering the way you conduct your business. It operates discreetly in the background, securely safeguarding all valuable data on laptops and desktops at 15-minute intervals, irrespective of network conditions. Moreover, it offers top-tier data security, allowing for zero-awareness data storage while ensuring offsite, zero-overhead cloud storage for added peace of mind. Finally, and perhaps most compelling, is that CrashPlan is easily deployable with minimal technical investment, and creates a margin-rich revenue stream based on endpoint devices – representing one of the largest installed base opportunities in the market.

As I mentioned above, we designed this solution not just with the features your MSP needs to provide value to your clients, we also designed the pricing with the billing flexibility you need. With CrashPlan, your customers appreciate both the real and intangible value of your complete data resilience solution.

I’m confident that our MSP Program can help you grow your business and deliver the best possible service to your customers. Contact us about how we can partner together to incorporate CrashPlan into your service offering!

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