The top 6 things to check out at Black Hat 2023

How many of these are on your list? Veteran Black Hat attendees and co-authors Todd Thorsen and Fletus Poston, III, offer up the six, can’t-miss things that every attendee must experience. 

One of the most prestigious events in the field, Black Hat, has returned for another year, ready to captivate attendees with groundbreaking research, cutting-edge technologies, and invaluable networking opportunities. As we explore the event, we’ll highlight the five attractions at Black Hat 2023, with a special focus on the critical topic of data resiliency.

Keynote Presentations

Black Hat is renowned for its insightful keynote speeches, delivered by leading experts and thought leaders in the cybersecurity industry. These sessions set the stage for the event, offering insightful perspectives on the current state of cybersecurity, and providing a glimpse into the future. Attendees can expect thought-provoking discussions on emerging threats, innovative defense strategies, and the evolving landscape of data protection.


The Arsenal is a crowd favorite at Black Hat, providing a platform for independent researchers and organizations to showcase their latest cybersecurity tools and projects. From open-source software to hardware gadgets, the Arsenal offers a unique opportunity to explore cutting-edge technologies and discover innovative solutions to real-world challenges. Don’t miss the chance to witness firsthand demonstrations and interact with the creators behind these groundbreaking projects.

Data Resiliency: Safeguarding Your Digital Assets

In an era where data breaches and cyber attacks have become increasingly prevalent, focusing on data resiliency has never been more crucial. At Black Hat 2023, there are a number of sessions related to cyber-resilience or where resilience is an underlying theme. A few examples to consider attending;  Fast, Ever Evolving Defenders – The Resilience Revolution; Dismantling DDoS – Lessons in Scaling; and OneDrive Double Agent – Clouded OneDrive Turns Sides. Experts will discuss strategies to ensure data integrity, recovery, scalability, and continuity in the face of evolving threats. Topical themes may include robust backup and recovery solutions, resilient cloud architectures, secure data transfer protocols, and effective incident response planning.

Technical Trainings

For those seeking to grow their technical skills and go deeper into specific cybersecurity domains, the technical training at Black Hat is an absolute must. These hands-on workshops cover a wide range of topics, from ethical hacking and penetration testing to incident response and reverse engineering. Attendees can learn from seasoned professionals, gain practical experience, and acquire valuable knowledge to better defend their organizations against cyber threats.


Black Hat Briefings lie at the heart of the event, featuring in-depth presentations on groundbreaking research and vulnerabilities. Industry experts, researchers, and practitioners share their findings and insights, shedding light on the latest attack vectors, defensive techniques, and security trends. These sessions provide a comprehensive overview of the current threat landscape, allowing attendees to stay ahead of cyber adversaries and adapt their defense strategies accordingly.

Networking and Learning 

One of the things I always look forward to most at Black Hat is connecting with peers and colleagues in the industry and building my network. Having a strong network is invaluable as a security practitioner. I always say that there is very little that we do in security that is proprietary; so, collaboration is really important and helps us all strengthen the security community and allows us to better protect our organizations.  After all, we are all fighting the same battles and dealing with similar challenges. Having a trusted network of peers across a variety of industries is an invaluable resource pool to share ideas, intelligence, and innovative approaches to address challenges across the security landscape. 

Black Hat 2023 promises to be an eye opening event, bringing together some of the best  minds in cybersecurity to exchange knowledge, discover new techniques, and tackle the most pressing challenges of our digital era. As you navigate the conference, make sure to explore the keynote presentations, immerse yourself in technical training, experience the Arsenal’s latest innovations, attend informative briefings, and prioritize sessions on data resiliency. Don’t forget to spend time on the trade show floor, visiting vendor booths and attending product demos; these can be great learning opportunities as well!  By staying informed and equipped with the latest insights, you’ll be well-prepared to safeguard your organization’s digital assets and contribute to a more secure future.