Unwavering Innovation: Pioneering Tech Excellence for the Future 

Astronauts on alien world to illustrate CrashPlan's innovative endpoint cloud backup solutions

CrashPlan endpoint backup and recovery has been protecting data for more than 15 years.  While the use cases and value propositions for you and your organization continue to evolve, the core premise of being able to securely and reliably protect and recover data quickly has remained a strategic priority for customers big and small.

The key to our success has been and will continue to be our team.  We have a true passion for CrashPlan and its customers that is clearly visible in design sessions, story authoring, sprint planning, QA testing, infrastructure planning, retrospectives…everything.  It’s not something that has been dictated by management, it’s just always there.  It’s the culture our teams have created for themselves.  We are proud of the service we provide to you and the value your organization has realized by using CrashPlan.  We are excited about the additional capabilities we will be delivering to CrashPlan customers in the future.

Businesses face more challenges protecting their ideas and work output today than ever before.  The amount of cloud services and tools used today that have led to incredible productivity gains also add additional threat vectors and the potential for businesses and users to be compromised.  CrashPlan backup and recovery provides the data resilience businesses need to recover quickly in the event of a cyber-attack. So, my passionate, driven team is hyper-focused on pioneering solutions to these new challenges you face.

The CrashPlan Product Development and Cloud Operations team focuses on building a high quality, highly available, performant, and scalable cloud backup and recovery solution.  The CrashPlan agent software pioneered efficiency by running on the endpoint with very low resource utilization as it only transfers changed blocks using our patented deduplication technology to our cloud storage thereby keeping bandwidth utilization to a minimum.  Our cloud infrastructure and application software are purpose-built to optimize for performance and scalability for endpoint backup. If you or your business encounters adverse circumstances that require you to recover your data from a backup, what’s an acceptable recovery time?  How impactful is lost productivity?  How impactful is lost revenue?  In some cases, business survival may depend on your ability to recover your data quickly.  This is how we think about data resilience and the importance of being able to restore your data as fast as possible.

“It just works” is feedback we often receive from our customers.  We take a great amount of pride in that feedback.  We understand that CrashPlan is not the only software installed on endpoints.  Protecting data in a way that doesn’t impact productivity is something that we constantly focus on in our Development and QA cycles as we add new capabilities to CrashPlan.  Engaging Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery protocols is a stressful situation.  Protecting every version of every file to accommodate any recovery point objective, providing multiple methods for data restoration, and lightning-fast data recovery, we ensure that endpoint data recovery is something you can be confident in.

As technology evolves and the usage of that technology is incorporated into business workflows, the threat landscape can also change.  This results in the need for you to adjust data protection and recovery strategies to reflect the new reality of the business.  We have a great foundation to build on to continually meet these needs at CrashPlan.  We actively solicit feedback from you to understand what additional capabilities we can deliver to empower you to gather additional intelligence about your data, expedite ransomware recovery, and integrate into ecosystems to provide additional value.

CrashPlan exploded onto the backup and recovery scene at Macworld in 2007. The passion that fueled the creation of CrashPlan is alive and well today. In a time when both threats and their solutions can be complex and overwhelming, we look forward to continuing to be technology leaders in our space by providing a user-friendly and reliable service that you can count on. 

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