Three Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs a Data Recovery Plan

Three external threats and how CrashPlan for Small Business helps protect you


Working for a small business requires everyone to wear many hats and is often stress-filled, but also highly rewarding; if it wasn’t rewarding you’d stop doing it. By using CrashPlan for Small Business for your

1. Cybercrime

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Cybercrime doesn’t only happen to big business; in fact, small businesses are becoming more  susceptible to data breaches and cyber security attacks. We often picture a lone attacker sitting behind his or her computer in a dark room, but realistically cybercrime has become more automated and efficient at taking your private files ransom.

Take your customer’s credit card information for example. One phishing email, and your data is encrypted and someone is demanding a ransom to decrypt your files. Using CrashPlan for Small Business’ data loss protection software enables you to ignore their demands and recover your data. Giving you the power against cybercrime, not the other way around. 

When thinking about data protection policies, it’s easy to forget about mother nature. Pick whichever natural disaster most threatens your business (fire, hurricane, earthquake) and CrashPlan for Small Business can help protect you from that disaster.

We all know how damaging these events are, not only to people’s lives, but the infrastructure that underpins modern life. Power lines and internet connections are easily affected by untimely weather and you need to be prepared to be able to access your data from anywhere in case your computer system goes offline.

So, while you focus on helping your business recover from the disaster, rest assured that CrashPlan’s small business backup solution has your files protected.


2. Natural Disasters

3. Accidental Deletion

accidental deletion

We all have those moments where we can’t remember where we put a file. Finding deleted files you didn’t know you needed is an utmost importance for your ever changing business.

You may need a report today that you thought was junk yesterday. Everyone hates redoing work that you know you’ve already done, but because CrashPlan for Small Business keeps deleted files for longer than 30-days, restoring that file is easily done with a few clicks of your mouse



Those are the three most common external threats faced by Small Businesses and how CrashPlan for Small Business can help protect your data from these threats.

Threats are always evolving and can strike anyone in your company, which is why we recommend that you have CrashPlan for Small Business installed on all of your computers to ensure that no matter what happens, your data is protected from loss.

July 2019 | Will Hoff, SMB Marketing Analytics

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