Stop making disaster recovery difficult: The case for backing up data where it’s used

Four folder graphics with a title next to them that reads "Stop Making Disaster Recovery Difficult"

In this webinar replay video, we delve into the compelling case for backing up data right where it’s generated and used – the endpoint. We will explore innovative solutions and strategies that simplify disaster recovery while enhancing data resiliency. Discover how this shift in approach can make disaster recovery a seamless and efficient part of your strategy, ensuring data protection, backup, and recovery for business continuity and peace of mind.

You’ll hear about:

  • Why Endpoint Backup: How the endpoint is central to all work
  • True Data Resiliency: How three common approaches to endpoint data resiliency fall short, and what to do instead

Don’t miss this opportunity to rethink your disaster recovery strategy and learn how to improve your data protection and recovery process to be aligned with how people actually work.