Best practices for avoiding data loss and downtime of endpoint drives

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Sudden hardware failure. Lost or stolen computers. Disasters. Ransomware attacks. There are so many ways end-users’ hard drives can become unusable, which results in lost productivity and lost data.

In this webinar, infrastructure monitoring experts from Nagios team up with backup experts from CrashPlan to chat about best practices for making it surprisingly easy to minimize employee downtime and data loss from hard drive failure.

We’ll cover:

  • Why you should be monitoring endpoint hard drives
  • When and how to proactively migrate users with minimal effort and disruption
  • The top three data-loss situations to watch out for
  • How to quickly get back up and running with backups when disaster strikes

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Katie Walker
IT Support Lead at CrashPlan

Michael Bellerue
Technical Sales Engineer at Nagios Enterprises