How to build data resiliency that works for (and with) real people

Data Resiliency whitepaper
Why is everyone talking about resiliency? When it comes to business resiliency, policies and preventive technology can only go so far. We explore three aspects of resiliency as it relates to business data in this white paper. 
  1. Reimagining data resiliency (hint: it doesn’t have to be extremely complicated);
  2. Accounting for human unpredictability; and 
  3. Taking practical steps immediately to strengthen your backup security journey. 

More on data resiliency: Watch our 30-minute webcast with CIO.com

In this webcast, Jim Malone, Senior Content Director, CIO Marketing Services leads a discussion with CrashPlan’s Riley Bruce, Director of Product Marketing and Mason Swenson, Vice President of Product about the importance of Data Resiliency. 

Ready to make endpoint backup an integral part of your data resiliency program?

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