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Never Pay A Ransom Again

An illustration showing office towers and an end-user experiencing a ransomware incident using CrashPlan. Ransomware infects an old machine, however the user is able to recover data back to minutes before the infection and keep working.

Globally, 37% of organizations fell victim to ransomware in 2021. By 2031, ransomware is expected to cost businesses US$265B annually. CrashPlan helps you bounce back following an incident without extended downtime or incentivizing cybercrime.

Hope Isn’t A Strategy

A strong ransomware recovery plan hinges on having a regularly performed, trusted and immutable backup. Without all three of these things, when ransomware impacts you, there’s no recourse for your organization other than to accept the time and cost of re-creating the data. Or, you can pay the ransom and hope the criminals keep their word (????????).

CrashPlan In Action

CrashPlan Is Built For Ransomware Recovery

No matter how many times files get versioned by the malware or how they’re ransomed, CrashPlan makes it easy to recover your sensitive data as it existed minutes prior to the attack.

Recovers Everything You Need

With organization definable file includes/excludes and support for Microsoft USMT; CrashPlan can restore all important user data to an imaged machine precisely as it was before infection (permissions, desktop background, and all).

Restart In Minutes

Once you identify the restore point, CrashPlan will restore your users’ most recently updated files first so that they can get back up and running immediately.

Ready For Human Fallibility

Backups of new and changed files happen every fifteen minutes without the need for human interaction. Plus, customizable unlimited version retention means that even if an infection isn’t discovered immediately, it’s always possible to go back to a known-good state.

Compartmentalized By Device

All data stored in the CrashPlan cloud is encrypted and stored per-device. This means that even if one endpoint in your organization is infected it doesn’t impact the data for other devices (either by potentially spreading the infection, or causing a restore bottleneck due to global deduplication).

No Network Restrictions

Client-side encryption means that your users can backup constantly whether they’re on or off network. No more gaps in coverage from not logging into VPN, CrashPlan works alongside your remote or hybrid workforce.

Protects Prior Versions

Files and versions in the CrashPlan backup are not stored or transmitted in their original format. They are segmented into blocks prior to leaving the endpoint and stored as blocks. This speeds up the backup and recovery process through deduplication and also means that an infection on the endpoint can’t spread to the files in the backup.

Paying The Ransom Doesn’t Help

When someone clicks on the wrong link and ransomware starts taking over a network, it can be tempting to think that the easiest solution is to use cyber-insurance, or find other means of paying the ransom. The problem is, that doesn’t work:

  • According to a 2021 report, 92% of organizations who paid a ransom did not get their data back and 71% recovered less than half of ransomed data.
  • In October of 2020, the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) issued an advisory to highlight sanctions risk associated with ransomware payments. In short, if a ransomware victim (knowingly or not) sends money to an individual or organization sanctioned by OFAC the victim would be violating sanctions.
  • The FBI has specific recommendations against paying a ransom and is instituting reporting guidelines for organizations who feel they have no other choice.

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