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How endpoint backup protects your businesses

Learn how endpoint backup protects your business' productivity from data loss.

Think of the work you do—the work your employees do. At the core of that work are the files you create, edit and share, and the data that drives your business. Productivity depends on continuous access to those assets.

Today, there are more threats to your files and data than ever before.

The simple solution to preventing file and data loss and protecting productivity is automatic cloud backup. That’s because backup is a lot like insurance: You don’t think much about it until it’s ALL you can think about.

Downtime Devastates Small Business
Whether it’s a nefarious cybercriminal, natural or man-made disaster, when something interrupts continuous access to your critical files and data, work stops and business grinds to a halt. The overall numbers are staggering: Unplanned downtime costs the average small business as much as $8,600 an hour.

Don’t let downtime slow down your business growth. Learn more about how CrashPlan for Small Business can help.

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