Protect your small business from downtime

Think of the work you do—the work your employees do. At the core of that work are the files you create, edit and share, and the data that drives your business. Your business productivity — and your ability to recover quickly if the unexpected happens — depends on continuous access to those assets.

The simple solution to preventing file and data loss and protecting productivity is an integrated backup strategy that backs up every device – automatic cloud backup for all your business endpoints. That’s because backup is a lot like insurance: You don’t think much about it until it’s ALL you can think about.

How downtime devastates small business

Today, there are more threats to your files and data than ever before:

  • 40% of small businesses have no data backup.1
  • 65% of small businesses still rely on tape-based backup.2
  • 58% of small businesses don’t back up endpoints (laptops and computers).3
  • 60% of backups ultimately fail.4

Whether it’s a nefarious cybercriminal, natural or man-made disaster, when something interrupts continuous access to your critical files and data, work stops and business grinds to a halt. The overall numbers are staggering: Unplanned downtime costs the average small business as much as $8,600 an hour.5

What business continuity means for overcoming incidents — like data loss

No matter the size of the business, no matter the industry, the business world moves faster than ever. Constant digital innovation is only accelerating that pace. Yet, to keep business moving forward, ensure uninterrupted productivity and guarantee business continuity, organizations need to first focus on the ability to go back—to undo, restore and recover.

Without the ability to go back, unexpected events—from cyber attacks to hardware failure to natural disaster and even human error—can leave a business without access to the files and data it needs for day-to-day operations.

Productivity suffers, opportunities fall through, revenue drops and businesses struggle to recover. The simple solution to preventing file and data loss and protecting productivity: automatic cloud backup. But backup is a lot like insurance: You don’t think much about it—until it’s ALL you can think about.

The six steps you need to know

  1. File sharing ≠ backup.
  2. Backup at the source: direct from the laptop, desktop or server.
  3. Automatic backup is not dependent on the user following the rules.
  4. More small businesses are turning to the cloud, driven by peace of mind and affordability.
  5. Backup solutions must be purpose-built for fast data recovery.
  6. Ensure the backup solution makes it simple and easy to administer and restore.

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Threats and risks hiding everywhere can bring that progress screeching to a halt—leading to devastating downtime costs that can easily put a company out of business. The key to this business continuity strategy: a better solution to small business backup.

With comprehensive, automatic, cloud backup in place, small businesses can guarantee fast recovery from any data loss incident and mitigate the many costs of downtime. When you know for certain that you can bounce back—no matter what—you can focus on moving your business forward.

1. Diffusion Group Study, 2015
2.  IDC Study, 2015
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